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Laughing Wolf Paddles Plenty Bear

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laughing wolf spanks indian lass plenty bear

We don't recognize this strip - as far as we know, there was never one called "Laughing Wolf" - but Indian (or First American, if you prefer) characters have often appeared in comics, for example Lonesome Polecat in Li'l Abner. In any case, as we mentioned with regard to Homer Provence's cartoon Miss Framish gets paddled in the middle of the lake, this is a variation on the Groucho Marx line, "Get a canoe and I'll paddle you!" In furtherance of the joke, the Indian lass is named "Plenty Bear", so we're to understand she'll be spanked "plenty bare" in the future.

Good OTK positioning and a cute spankee make this a satisfying panel. While we don't know its origin, we think we found it on the Spanking Classics forum. By the way, Bill Wenzel did a little-known Indian spanking cartoon for Humorama that we're going to post later this year. [This was later done - see A True Redskin.]

05/12/2017 update: Curious, CSR Chief of Strip Research Sweetspot decided to do some investigating, and found the mystery strip was none other than Oaky Doakes! This will no doubt come as a surprise to everyone, since there was almost no clue in the panel we had and neither Laughing Wolf nor Princess Plenty Bear were regular characters in the strip. (The signature isn't legible, but when compared directly with a known sample from Oaky Doakes it becomes apparent that it's R. B. Fuller's). If they were guest stars at least they stayed long enough to provide us with another spanking - the tenth from Oaky Doakes!

Let's go back to 1954 - seven years since Oaky Spanks Mimi Montclair - and see how many references to "spanking" and "paddling" R. B. Fuller managed to work into only two strips:

oaky doakes strip of june 12, 1954

Oaky Doakes from June 12, 1954 (click to increase in size).

oaky doakes strip of june 14, 1954

Oaky Doakes from June 14, 1954. Scans by Sweetspot; edited and posted by the Web-Ed on 05/12/2017 (click to increase in size).

We can see now that paddling Plenty Bear's canoe didn't come out of nowhere - she paddled her own canoe over the waterfall. In the follow-up strip, Oaky laughs at the spanking given her by Laughing Wolf, just as the men of Camelot had laughed at the spankings Oaky himself had given their women eleven years before in 1943. Pomona's reaction is interesting: "Oaky Doaks! Don't you ever do that to me!" Apparently she doesn't know what went on in Camelot - or with Mimi Montclair. We can't help noticing how wide her eyes get when Oaky promises her a "spanking" ride back to the castle - is she secretly scared just a little at the thought of being taken over his knee despite her bravado?

Meanwhile, Laughing Wolf has threatened Plenty Bear with another spanking, and we have to believe that in future years Plenty Bear got plenty - bare! He also says that she can paddle him across the "big water," but this seems a straightforward reference to putting her to work paddling their canoe, quite possibly to help lead in to Oaky's reference to a "spanking ride".

A fine episode by Fuller and fine detective work by Sweetspot.

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