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Memin Pinguin #1011 (August 1983). Published by Edar(?). Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/24/2012 (click to increase in size).

We have previously seen an earlier spanking from the Mexican comic Memin Pinguin #288, and there were three more (with a fourth implied!) on the cover of issue #109. These won't be posted (though they're in the Comics Spanking Data Base) because they involve juveniles, but if there was any doubt that Memin Pinguin was a spank-friendly comic book, the three additional spankings in this issue (including one on the cover) should dispel it.

The original scanner of these pages is unknown. They were picked up years ago by Dave Wolfe, who later posted them on the SpankingPanels forum, from whence they have made there way here. The English translations here were supplied by Dave.

The cover art gives us a well-positioned spankee offering a nice target, but there are some peculiarities with the spanker. Although reasonably well-drawn above the waist, his lower legs are way too short, leaving him badly malproportioned. Also, his right arm is still raised as it would be before the spank is applied, but since this is a "moment of contact" shot, his forearm and wrist are twisted into a terribly awkward and uncomfortable position.

memin pinguin #1011 spanking page 1

'Our handsome hero Bernado has decided that the petite, curvy little spitfire Chispitas (Her nickname can be translated as "Little Drops", "Little Bit") needs a good spanking. Since we're missing the first pages here, I don't know exactly why, but she's quite a wildcat brat, and that's good enough for me!'

'"As if she were a rag doll, the boy seizes Chispitas, forces her over -- and begins the punishment! (She cries something typically Spankee here, like "Leggo!!")'
'"The girl tries to break free of his iron arms but can't! Then he tells her, "Those dozen spanks should straighten out things between us!" She replies by calling him names: "Idiot! Crab! Mastadon!"'
memin pinguin #1011 spanking page 2
'"Bernando starts to leave, with Chispitas beside herself with rage! She grabs a plate, and not considering the consequences, throws it at Bernardo with all her might!" (You can work out the sound effect for yourself).'
'Bernie says, "You're that wild? I think you need another dose of what you had before!" Chispitas shoots back, "Stay away, I haven't done anything!" (uh-HUH!) "The noise they're both making awakens Memin." Now, at this point I have trouble-- I suspect they're giving him a funny dialect, but I gather that Memin asks his guardian angel what th' heck's going on.'
memin pinguin #1011 spanking page 3
'"Not getting an answer, (Memin) scratches his bald head" and mutters something about wishing he were an animal in its home far away, sleeping peacefully. Then he asks, "Who's making all the noise down there? Maybe a hungry little coyote?!"'
'"Overcoming his fear, and with wide eyes, he climbs downstairs. His eyes are big as saucers, but he still can't believe what they're seeing!" "Zombale! (As far as I can make out, like "Great Caeser's Ghost!" or "Holey Socks!") Mr. Bernardo is ironing out Chispitas' curves!"'

Web-Ed here again: Bernardo sure is "ironing out" Chispitas' curvy bottom, and it's just what the little Mexican spitfire deserved after throwing that plate at him! This is a fine scene - I can't think of an American comic where a girl gets spanked and, instead of being calmed down, throws another temper tantrum earning a second spanking until her attitude is well and truly adjusted, but I wish there were one!

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