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Memin Pinguin #288

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cover of memin pinguin featuring a man spanking a woman We don't know much about spanking in Mexico, except that it certainly does take place. We earlier featured a spanking given by the Mexican wrestler Santo in this gallery. Another example is this one from Memin Pinguin #288 (publication date unknown). Memin is a Cuban-Mexican boy created by Alberto Cabrera in 1943 and later drawn by Sixto Valencia Burgos. Our friend Lucas advises us that it is very popular not only in Mexico but in many other countries like Puerto Rico, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and even non-Spanish speaking countries like the Philippines. In recent years the character has aroused some controversy in the U.S. due to alleged racial stereotyping, although to us this seems likely to have been due to ignorance of Mexican culture on the part of those making all the fuss, but that does not concern us here.

On the cover of this magazine, which we think was published within the past twenty years, we see Memin witnessing a spanking from his vantage point behind the stair rail. We do not know who the spanker and spankee are, but we like the way the woman is well bent over the man's knee. It is appealing visually, although in actual practice it wouldn't work well - the woman would tend to fall out of position - because her hips are neither centered over the spanker's lap (technically over the lap) nor over his left leg (which would allow her to be locked securely in place with the right leg).

02/14/2009 Update: Lucas translates what Memin is thinking as "What a good way to iron out all the wrinkles!" We might add that it gets rid of any dust at the same time! Lucas also gives some further history: "The original series had 372 chapters, and it has been republished in 1952 and 1961. In 1988 it was re-edited, colorized, and in 2004 was re-edited again. The re-editions feature the same stories, but with some updates on the drawings and dialogue by Valencia Burgos to keep it up to date with present times."

Posted January 2009

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