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© DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/16/2010 (click to double-size).

For the last in our series of spankings from, we have something that's going to require some explaining. Actually, we've had the original version of this one (from More Fun Comics, hence our title "More Fun Spanking") in our files for some time, but SpankingPanels found a reprinted version we hadn't seen. Let's take a look at the original version first.

Sandy Kean (our spanker here) and the Radio Squad starred in "Calling All Cars", a feature that seems to have been serialized (two pages per issue) in More Fun Comics, with the story that interests us having run in issues #11-15 (July-Nov. 1936). (We're crediting DC as the publisher here, even though Detective Comics #1 had not yet appeared, because we think More Fun was one of their corporate predecessors. No indicia is available to us for this issue.) This is certainly the earliest spanking we have yet documented in an American Comic Book.

Let's talk about the spanking on its own terms for a minute - we have seen the haughty female (here the commissioner's daughter) given a deserved comeuppance before, only to fall for the handsome spanker, but this may have been the first time, and it's very well done. Numerous examples of a stern traffic cop spanking a female offender were to be seen years later in the Humorama line (we've got a few more in the files), but again, this may have been a first. It reminds us quite a bit of Evad spanking Queen Arda about ten years later in the Superman strip, and for good reason: they were both produced by the same legendary creative team, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This issue was published two years before they created Superman.

federal men #2 police car pursuit federal men #2 they stop Doris

Now let's examine the 1945 reprinted version, from Federal Men #2 (Gerard Publishing) as unearthed by SpankingPanels. Here is the build-up to the spanking, with reckless speeder Doris Bailey telling stalwart policeman Sandy Kean, "You needn't bother giving me that ticket" as she primps in an act of pure self-indulgence. This results in a good spanking (both versions below for comparison).

more fun comics spanking panel
federal men #2 spanking panel
final panels

Later, Doris is very glad to see Sandy again. All's well that ends well - another relationship made possible (and successful) by a good spanking!

01/29/2016 Update: When we first posted this page back in 2010, we did not have any other scans of the 1945 reprinted version from Federal Men #2 other than those that belonged to SpankingPanels (now sadly defunct). In the interim another partial copy became available, and we'll see the spanking page from it now in its entirety. This is the only known issue of Federal Men, raising an interesting question: why was there an issue #2 when there was never an issue #1? Presumably there was some legal connection between Gerard Publishing and DC since it's DC's material that's being reprinted, but what it was is anyone's guess at this point, leaving two mysteries that will probably never be solved.

The reprint is basically an exact copy of the original - no changes were needed for legal or other reasons - so it doesn't add much to our understanding of the scene, but since it's unlikely we'll ever run into a copy of More Fun Comics in a condition as good as this, we'll just enjoy it for what it is.

federal men #2 spanking page

From Federal Men #2 (1945, exact date unknown). Script by Jerry Siegel; art by Joe Shuster. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/29/2016.

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