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My Secret Life #26

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my secret life #26 cover

My Secret Life #26 (March 1950). Cover artist unknown. Published by Fox Feature Syndicate (click to quadruple-size).

Fox was a notorious (today we might say "celebrated") comics publisher of "Good Girl Art," earning the ire of the prudish back in the 40's and the feminists from the '70's onward. For that very reason, we have long hoped to find more spankings in their books since we prefer our spanking scenes on the erotic side and sexy spankees certainly contribute to the eroticism of a scene. The only problem is that Fox titles tend to be scarce and valuable, and a number of them are neither completely indexed yet nor available in digital format.

The best Fox scene at least until now has been from My Desire Intimate Confessions #4, which had a remarkably suggestive front cover, and even now no complete copy of that book is available to us. This cover, from My Secret Life #26 (March 1950), is tame by comparison, but the book does contain a nice spanking, a rather unusual man-spanks-girlfriend's-sister, which we'll see now.

The story of interest is "I Sacrificed My Reputation." Sue and Sally Bennet are sisters struggling in life after their father dies. Sue as the older takes responsbility, but Sally falls in with a wild crowd (by 1950 standards) that drinks alcohol. The cops bust them, and Sue meets Lt. Dan Howard.

my secret life #26 I sacrificed my reputation

The splash page of I Sacrificed My Reputation. The artist and writer are unknown. From the fabulous collection of JVJ (click to double-size)

Sue and Dan hit it off, and he's ready to marry her, but younger sister Sally gets involved with an older man named Nat Stern and tells Sue she's going to marry him. The plot gets really muddled here, which is why we're not presenting those pages, but Stern thought he could swindle Sally out of some insurance money, and when Dan arrives to arrest him for previous frauds, he tries to implicate Sue, who is completely innocent. Because of her childish infatuation with Stern, Sally refuses to help Sue, who is then subjected to a series of emotional hardships because of the cloud about her.

The story meanders on, with Stern escaping from custody and Dan chasing after him. Strangely, Dan seems to have assumed that Sue was guilty (bad writing here), but after he arrests Stern (again!) he realizes his error. He also figures out who's responsible for the whole mess - Sally - and that's bad news for her because it means a good spanking!

my secret life #26 spanking page

It took awhile, but justice has been done, and in a double-sense: Nat Stern gets his behind hauled off to jail, while Sally gets her behind hauled over Dan's knee for a well-deserved spanking! (Click to double-size).

my secret life #26 spanking panel

The spanking panel (click to increase in size)!

As we mentioned, there's a lot we don't know about some of these Fox titles, and even JVJ, who has one of the few copies of this issue (these scans were made from it), has no idea who the artist was. The unknown artist does a very nice job on the spanking panel whoever he is, with Sally's OTK positioning very close to ideal - her behind is raised nice and high with her back arched, and despite Dan's clichéd assertion that "it hurts me worse than it does you" we're sure it's the other way around! One compositional mistake is that Sally is trying to put her hand back - a nice touch in a spanking scene - but it's the wrong hand! Ask any girl who's been OTK and she'll tell you there's no way to get her left hand (hand nearest the spanker's body) back. We also like her cries ("Oh! Ohh! Ouch!") and her sister Sue's expression of satisfaction. Sue gave Sally plenty of love, but she sees now that discipline was needed also!

my secret life #26 post-spanking panel

The post-spanking panel - Sally is rubbing her sore bottom while Dan is promising her more of the same in the future if she needs it (click to increase in size).

The after-spanking panel is also excellent - when the masterful Dan, having tanned Sally's behind (she's still got her hands back there, probably rubbing the sting), tells Sue "You're going to marry me right now" how can she resist him? And we really love what he says about Sally: "...this spoiled sister of yours. I think I can handle her." Which when translated means more spankings for Sally in the future as she needs them!

Folks, this is great stuff! It can definitely hold its own with the classic romance comics spankings we knew about in the past, and is probably better than a good many of them. Did we mention this is another CSR exclusive first? Well, it is, and we don't ever want to forget to blow our own horn! [It's also part of our 10th-Anniversary blast].

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