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Learning a lesson the hard way! © King Features Syndicate.

We've mentioned that The Phantom has a following in countries like Sweden, Norway, Australia and India. With this example, we see he's made it to continental Europe as well. The Phantom's Italian declaration "Voglio darti una lezione a modo mio!" translates into something close to, "I want to teach a lesson in my own way!" which he certainly does to this young lady dressed in explorer's garb.

We don't know where or when this may have first appeared, but it looks like the setting might be The Phantom's own home ground. If so, that would be a first as all the other spankings he's given (that we know about) take place in far-off lands.

This was found at a vanilla site, The Phantom Phorum. Since it is the latest Phantom spanking we've found, we decided to put a Phantom Spanking Index on this page (see below) with links to all Phantom spankings available on CSR.

The Phantom Spanking Index

  1. (1938, Adventure in Algiers) - Phantom spanks Zagra
  2. (1941, The Return of the Sky Band) - Phantom spanks Sala and Margo
  3. (1946, Queen Pera the Perfect) - Phantom spanks Queen Pera (1)
  4. (1946, Queen Pera the Perfect) - Count Jorge spanks Queen Pera (1)
  5. (2000, Swedish-language version, redrawn) - Phantom spanks Queen Pera (2)
  6. (2000, Swedish-language version, redrawn) - Count Jorge spanks Queen Pera (2)
  7. (Date not applicable, fan art by Romana Felmang) - Phantom spanks Queen Pera (3)
  8. (1948, The Marshall Sisters) - Phantom spanks the Marshall sisters
  9. (1975, Swedish-language version) - Phantom spanks girl in restaurant
  10. (Date unknown, Italian-language) - Phantom spanks girl explorer (this page)
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