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Smilin' Jack Spanking #7

Very similar to Smilin' Jack #6 which we saw last time is this one: another of Jack's friends spanks another bad girl! Although we're calling it #7 in our series here, it was actually the eighth that became generally known in the spanking art community, to which it was introduced by Dan Rivera (see this topic at [And to see some of Dan's own art, try Sam Swatt and Spanky Sal along with further adventures of these two characters he has kindly posted right here on the CSR Comic-Book and Superhero Spanking Forum, or Spanky Sal and Capt. Woodshed here in this gallery].

We know the sin this time (attempted homewrecking, tsk tsk!) but we don't know the original publication date or other details. We see most of Zack Mosley's virtues as a spanking artist on display once again: good cause and vigorous smacks, and we'd be willing to bet he gave us a good follow-up with plenty of bottom-rubbing. We also see again his one shortcoming - an awkward variant of the OTK position with no real bending at the waist, and the spanker taking hold of the spankee's hair instead of placing his non-spanking hand around her waist or using it to pin her arm. These difficulties result because he isn't firmly seated on a chair (or even a rock or a crate), so he can't really turn her over.

One big plus is the spankee's outfit. Instead of a dress or slacks, she's wearing a sort of leopard-skin patterned two piece bathing suit. This is the best of two worlds: part swim suit, part Jungle Girl and the absolute next best thing to a completely bare bottom!

smilin jack's buddy spanks a bad girl

From Dan Rivera, original publication date unknown. © News Syndicate Co. Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/24/2010.

With so many spankings in the strip, the question naturally arises as to whether Mosley was into spanking. Dan raised this question himself when he posted the panel: "Nobody has said it yet, but I do believe our late friend Zack was, indeed, a spanking enthusiast... or, as we say nowadays, a spanko." This does appear to be the consensus view, based on the replies to his post on that board.

We're not so sure. Normally, the depiction of ten spankings(!) in a comic strip would certainly indicate that somebody connected with the strip was into spanking (as for example was certainly the case with Wonder Woman), yet it may be that Mosley simply believed that spanking a woman was just something you did when necessary to assert your authority and bring her under control. Spread out over forty years, this averages out to one spanking every five years - not excessive in a daily strip, surely. This was, after all, an earlier era, and we don't believe that either Hal Foster (Prince Valiant) or Al Capp (Li'l Abner) were spankos despite the many spankings that took place in their respective strips (although we wonder if any of the Li'l Abner spankings were suggested by Capp's sometime assistant Walter Johnson, whom we're convinced was a spanko) based on Frontier Romances #1.

It seems to us that a capable spanko artist could not help but eroticize his spanking scenes somewhat, which means that there would have to be some emphasis placed on correct positioning and presentation of the spankee's buttocks (note that Dan is very careful about this in his own artwork). True, the positioning stunk in Wonder Woman, but that was because the artist, Harry Peter, was not the spanko (and writer Charles Moulton was). Because we're so deeply into spanking ourselves, it's easy to forget that some purely disciplinary spankings do take place in real life, even among young men and women where an erotic context could of course always be present. In fact, we know of one young man who has infrequently used a wooden paddle to discipline his woman even though neither of them derives any erotic stimulation from the experience!

Spankings in the comics, then, could be innocent examples of the mores and customs of the times in which they appeared, or they could be expressions of the erotic desires of the creators. In many cases we may never know which, but we may at least get some enjoyment from investigation and speculation.

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