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spider-man kicks black cat in the butt

From The Amazing Spider-Man #194 (July, 1979). © Marvel Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/26/2010

In this second entry in our series "Marvel Spankings That Didn't Quite Come Off," we admit we're stretching the concept of "spanking" quite a bit (of course, we're entitled to some license since we added the phrase "that didn't quite come off"). A "spanking" properly consists of the application of the hand or a hand-held implement to the buttocks - kicks simply do not qualify. And yet there are some elements present that lend this seemingly ungallant boot to the rear the flavor of a true spanking. First, there's the fact that the Black Cat is engaging in criminal activity and thus has earned some corporal discipline. Second, she is kneeling on the window sill in a good position to receive the "swat". Third, not long after Spider-Man swings in the window and delivers a swift kick to her posterior, she's trying to kiss him! Sounds like the romantic aftermath we often see post-spanking when the spanker's resolute determination brings out all that is feminine in the spankee.

cover of the amazing spider-man #194

© Marvel Comics Inc.

page 16 from the amazing spider-man #194

© Marvel Comics Inc.

Here are the cover to this issue and the complete page containing the panel above (Web-Ed's collection). Credits: Marv Wolfman (writer/editor), Keith Pollard (pencils), Frank Giacoia (inks). It should be noted that Pollard and Giacoia were better artists than they might appear to be here - for many years, comics were printed with cheap plastic plates which rendered the reproduction quality anywhere from fair to poor and failed to do justice to the original art.

This was the Black Cat's first appearance in any of Spidey's several titles. She would go on to make many further appearances and become a popular featured character. And while the creative team did not treat us to an actual spanking here, it must be admitted that a full-blown OTK session would have been hard to work into the action sequence. At the same time, we must lament another missed opportunity for Marvel to match their rival DC in the spanking department, especially since the Black Cat was so eminently spankable - see these two other examples from this gallery here and here, and also the drawing below.

drawing of black cat not from comic book but very spankably posed

The spankable Black Cat - nice!

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