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From Superboy #75 (Sept. 1959). © DC Comics Inc.

Marvel and DC were the chief purveyors of superhero comics in the 1960's. For some reason, DC had a lot more spanking than Marvel during this decade, although with the notorious exception of Wonder Woman, there seems to have been no hidden agenda. Quality artists like Kurt Schaffenberger and Curt Swan (we think Swan drew this cover, perhaps inked by George Klein) were almost self-evidently innocent of any interest in erotic spanking, and yet they were called upon to draw spankings issue after issue by the writers and editors of Superboy, Lois Lane, etc. As we said, no hidden agenda - this was simply popular art that represented the mores and customs of its time, and spanking was extremely common back then.

[Web-Ed's note from May 2012: This is the second cover featuring Jonathan Kent trying to spank Superboy! The first, issue #55, doesn't have its own page but we did include it with Superman #192. When we first posted this page, probably back in 2004, we had no idea how many times some lame-brain would attempt to spank Superboy or Super-Tot. Many of these sorry scenes are now posted in this gallery, and a complete list may be obtained by searching the Comics Spanking Data Base with first "Superboy" and then "Super-Tot" in the "Personnel" field.]

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