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Superman Strip #734 - Spanks Another Spoiled Brat

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Superman spanks overgrown brat

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Superman is at it again, this time spanking some other overgrown brat. The patter is somewhat familiar by now ("Don't you dare!" "You've had this coming for a long time!") and the positioning is awkward, but it's still an honest-to-gosh comic spanking, so we're happy to re-present it here.
after the Super-spanking

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"You spanked me!" - at least this girl's got a good grasp of the obvious. Supes is anxious to leave, so we're going to assume he finds brats as obnoxious to be around as we do.

07/22/2011 Update: We have now positively identified the excerpts above as coming from the Superman daily strips of May 20-21, 1941, less than two years after the previous spanking of Princess Tania in 1939. Although there are stylistic differences, we think the art is still basically Paul Cassidy and Wayne Boring with Superman co-creator Joe Schuster still inking the faces. There may have been some swapping of the artistic chores between Cassidy and Boring, and it's also possible they were assisted by John Sikela (who later inked a few of the comic books) and Leo Novak. Whoever did the layouts, the OTK positioning here is decidedly inferior to that of the earlier spanking episode, being more under the arm than over the knee. Yes, it works if you're as strong as Superman, but it doesn't look as good as OTK.

This episode, "The Scientists of Sudden Death," is part of a very long story line about the underworld's attempts to destroy Superman. Lil Danvers, "The Blonde Tigress," isn't really part of any criminal gang but she joins in the plot against Superman because she mistakenly blames him for her father's death. Of interest is Lil's attraction to Superman, especially after he spanks her - this is still long before The Phantom Spanks Queen Pera (1946). There has been some criticism of this scene on those grounds, but it's completely wrong-headed and politically correct: the fact is, it is psychologically plausible for a woman to have more respect for a man after he's spanked her, which immediately makes him seem bolder and more attractive.

superman spanks lil danvers in episode #734 of the daily comic strip

The complete strip #734 from May 20, 1941 (Web-Ed's collection). © DC Comics Inc. Click to triple-size.

after superman spanks lil danvers in episode #735 of the daily comic strip

The complete strip #735 from May 21, 1941. (Web-Ed's collection) © DC Comics Inc. Click to triple-size.

superman spanks overgrown brat fixed by dan rivera

Enhanced and colorized by Dan Rivera. © DC Comics Inc.(click to double-size).

CSR Resident Artist Dan Rivera decided to see what he could do to improve the original spanking panel. The results speak for themselves: a panel that had never appeared in color is now brought to life with vivid and dynamic hues, with the "stinging effect" given more weight, for want of a better term, to emphasize that this is indeed a super-spanking!
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