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Superman Spanks Princess Tania

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superman spanks princess tania

From the Web-Ed's collection (sorry for the slight blurring at the right edge), art probably by Paul Cassidy, Wayne Boring, and Joe Schuster.   © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/22/2011.

Recently during the current Super-Spanking Summer of 2011 we've been lamenting the fact that Superman never spanked an adult female in any of the "Superman Family" of comic books edited by Mort Weisinger. But as we've seen before and will see again now, the Superman newspaper strips were another matter. (Three spankings from the strip have already been posted, and we'll add a special index for them all at the conclusion of this mini-series).

At left is the first of the spankings from the Superman daily strip. It was part of Episode 8, Royal Deathplot, which ran from July 24 - November 11, 1939. The script is by Jerry Siegel; the art is probably Paul Cassidy and Wayne Boring with some inking by Joe Schuster. According to Cassidy, Schuster's eyesight was already failing and he mainly just inked faces. Boring later worked on various "Superman Family" titles and hated Weisinger (so did a lot of other people), but that's a story for another day.

superman spanks princess tania

© DC Comics Inc.

The panel above has been seen around the web before, but this one is less well known. It's from the next day's strip, and shows the continuation of the spanking from another angle. Now let's put the spanking in context.

This was a fairly long story line, in fact the longest to that date, and Superman has recently saved Princess Tania and her father, the King of Rangoria, from a nefarious plot. Tania is attracted to Superman, but when she expresses her feelings, he explains that his career as a costumed crime-buster leaves him no time for a romance with her. She is outraged and tries to stab him.

superman daily strip #228

Strip 228 (Web-Ed's collection). Click to triple-size. © DC Comics Inc.

Princess or not, that's no way for a lady to behave, so Superman turns her over his knee - hooray! After the spanking, Tania's reaction is "I should hate him, but I don't - I love him!" This is sound psychology, but guaranteed to drive any feminists who see it completely crazy!

superman daily strip #229

Strip 229 (Web-Ed's collection). Click to triple-size.© DC Comics Inc.

This delightful plot is noticeably similar to The Phantom Spanks Queen Pera (1946) but appeared almost seven years earlier. The highborn and haughty being taken down a peg is an important and recurring motif in spanking comics, so it is of some interest to identify its earliest appearance, which appears to be here. We'd have to say that Lee Falk probably did it better, but if less technically proficient than Falk, Jerry Siegel was at least as imaginative a writer and for now gets the credit for having been there first. (The earliest superhero spanking is still probably Phantom Spanks Zagra, but that was a pure punishment scene). As for Cassidy/Boring/Schuster, they did the OTK positioning very well

superman daily strip #230

Strip 230 (Web-Ed's collection). Click to triple-size. "You can't do this to me.. a princess of Rangoria..." Wanna bet, sweetheart? © DC Comics Inc.

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