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Teen-Age Love #57

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spanking from Teenage Love #57

Added 05/03/2008; © Charlton Comics, INC.

Here we have another spanking from a romance comic book, this time Teen-Age Love #57 (Jan. 1968). This one, like For Lovers Only #73 (in the Comics Gallery here ), was published by Charlton comics. Although not on the cover, this spanking also takes place on a beach, but is better-composed and more erotic - in fact, it fairly sizzles! The positioning is basically standard OTK, but the man is shirtless, there is marked submission in the girl's pose (arm relaxed, no struggling, legs apart, bottom willingly thrust out), and the effect lines suggest she's really feeling the sting! There's little doubt that after this incident, she will belong to the young man completely. The inking here is obviously by Vince Colletta, who may have done the pencils as well.

[10/15/2010 Update] We recently obtained a copy of this comic along with three other Charlton books, so let's take a look first at a better scan of the spanking panel followed by the complete page:

spanking from Teenage Love #57

© Charlton Comics, INC.

spanking page from Teenage Love #57

© Charlton Comics, INC.

"I'm going to paddle that kid - see if I don't!" says our spanker, Les. So the spanking was premeditated - something we hadn't known before we got this book. It's also interesting, if a little disappointing, to find out that our spankee, Laurette, winds up with the wimpy-looking guy in the background of the spanking panel. We hope he learned how to handle her from watching Les.

From the fact that Les threatens to dunk Lorette in the water after spanking her, which is similiar to what happens in Just Married #58, we infer that the script is probably by Joe Gill.

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