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We mentioned last time in connection with Tillie the Toiler that the 1920's was a decade of rapid change in American society and that this was reflected in comic strips like Winnie Winkle (which slightly predated Tillie, by the way). For years, Winnie was a single working girl with heavy responsibilities - in fact, the strip bore the subtitle "The Breadwinner" for many years. JimC. advises us that Winnie gave several spankings, one of which (to her little brother Perry) we've documented in The Comics Spanking Data Base (search on "winnie" in either the "Personnel" or "Title" fields to find it). We don't know if Winnie was ever spanked herself, but we do have this example of Winnie turning her daughter Wendy over her knee, which takes place in Wendy's imagination.

Wendy seems to have interfered in Winnie's romance, and is told she must decide on her own punishment. "I wish I were little enough to be punished like a child," muses Wendy, imagining herself writing lines and (even better) getting turned over her mother's knee. Of course, we know that she's not too old to be spanked, even if she doesn't. There's nothing better than a good spanking to purge a bad girl's feelings of guilt!

wendy winkle imagines herself getting spanked

Story and art thought to be by Max von Bibber or Frank Bolle (we can't quite make out the signature). Dated July 16, 1967. © Chicago Tribune Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/18/2011.

wendy winkle spanking panel

Good OTK position, but Winnie is spanking with the wrong hand, a problem we have seen many times before.

As good as this scene is, we were a little reluctant to present it at first because of our "no child" policy, but after careful examination we realized that Wendy is picturing herself not as a child, but as an adult in child's clothing. We've spanked adult women dressed as schoolgirls ourselves, so no problem!

03/25/2011 Update: After this page appeared, we were notified of several errors by JimC and JS666, and we've corrected these now (we hope). Among other things, we mis-identified Winnie as Wendy's sister! Jim commented that "you would have had to see the whole storyline about how Wendy had come to be punished to appreciate the whole dream sequence." JS666 gave the date of publication, informed us that it was originally in color, and then gave us some more of the strip's history:

"'Winnie Winkle, Breadwinner' started out in the 1920's and portrayed a young woman as the sole support of her working-class family. A lot of the humor was derived from Winnie's incessant , and frequently insufferably priggish social-climbing; she was constantly humiliated by her family, especially her little brother Perry, who ran with a street gang called the Rinky-Dinks. AFAIK, she was never spanked herself -- though she frequently deserved it -- and at least once she had to run from her father in the last panel. By the 40's, she was a successful businesswoman, and she met and married a man named William Wright, with whom she had twins, Billy and Wendy. Mr. Wright (!) came in and out of her life for a while and then disappeared; I don't know if they ever explained it properly. By the mid-60's, the twins were teenagers, and the strip had degenerated into the most preachy and morally self-important strip around. People were laughing AT it. (In one memorable storyline, Billy somehow got mixed up with a delinquent named Mark Lowly, who got him in all sorts of trouble. At one point Billy came to school and was greeted by a kid saying, 'Ha ha! Billy is a truant!') By that time it was more freakish than truly funny, and I'm not sure how much longer it lasted." [Until 1996, I think - Web-Ed]

As always, thanks for the help, guys.

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