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We know nothing about this one. It was called "Worm" when we found it, so that's the name we left it with. The most unusual thing about it is that the spanking couple is middle-aged. Decent OTK positioning.

worm spanking

Artist and year of publication unknown. [Later determined - see below.] Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/01/2011.

04/20/2018 Update: Once again, CSR Chief Strip Researcher Sweetspot decided to look into this to see if he could solve the mystery. It turns out this spanking was from the strip Miki by Robert Kay. Here are the surrounding episodes with scans and explanatory notes by Sweetspot:

"Henry Twiddle spanks under the influence of a special pill supplied by the title character's diminutive, perhaps magical, Uncle Harry. It reminds us that the spanker in Polly and Her Pals #2 spanked because he was hypnotized. In similar cases Oaky Doaks went on his spanking spree because of Morgana's magic potion, Popeye spanked Olive [#2] controlled by Swee'pea's "royal brainpower" and "Mother" spanked Betty Cooper while possessed under sorcery. I'm not complaining because a spanking is a spanking and these "supplements" merely brought out dormant desires of the previously oppressed."

Miki April 18, 1949

Uncle Harry provides an assertiveness pill to Miki for Rhody's father Henry Twiddle - Web-Ed. Miki April 18, 1949.

Miki April 19, 1949

April 19, 1949

Miki April 21, 1949 Brooklyn Daily Eagle

April 21, 1949

Miki April 22, 1949

April 22, 1949.

Miki April 22, 1949 detail

April 22, 1949: Henry uses the same, "this hurts you more than it does me" statement that we previously read in Polly and Her Pals #1 - Sweetspot (click to increase in size).

Miki April 25, 1949 detail

April 25, 1949 Henry is feeling good about putting his wife across his lap. No spanker's remorse for far. - Sweetspot

Sweetspot continues:

"I believe Henry's wife had called him a worm at some point in the story hence the reason why whoever scanned this story at some point prior to April Fools Day of 2011 labeled it "worm spanking". But now the worm has turned! Henry has second thoughts about the spanking only because the effects of the "pill" have dissipated [In fact a clonk on the noggin has caused him to forget the spanking all together - oh man! his finest moment and he can't even remember it crying face ]. Regardless of his fears his wife accepts her spanking as well-deserved and his boss begs him to return to his job with an offer of a big raise and a lot of new perks.

Miki May 5, 1949

Miki May 5, 1949:

Miki May 6, 1949

May 6, 1949

Miki May 9, 1949

May 9, 1949. Scans by Sweetspot. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/20/2018.

Web-Ed concludes: Henry and Mr. Mason come across as complete milquetoasts - "Oh no! I couldn't have done that!"

But Sarah Tiddles had no problem with being spanked, admitting she deserved it! And this reminds us of the interesting fact that even some women not into spanking, meaning they don't find the idea very exciting, will accept a spanking under the right circumstances. The "right circumstances" usually means they feel they had it coming. Our estimate is that about one in four women fall into this category. So the next time a woman you know tells you she feels really guilty about something, be bold and tell he she deserves a spanking. If she lowers her head or shows any other sign of recognizing the truth of this statement, go ahead and tell her you're going to take her OTK - she may very well go along. wink

By the way, Willjohn added this explanation of the phrase "The worm turns":

"It is an old expression regarding oppressed people turning on their oppressors. It was first recorded in a book of proverbs by John Haywood, written as "Treade a worme on the tayle and it must turne agayne." Looks like wifey got her tail more than turned in this case."
Yep, her tail wasn't turned, it was tanned laughing face!

We couldn't find anything more about Miki or Bob McKay, although we do see a resemblance between Uncle Harry and the leprechaun-like character in Mr. Rumbles. (One more link: see the Mr. Rumbles spanking here).

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