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mistress spanks maid for going after chauffeur

Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/02/2010

Here we have one of Bill Ward's better F/F efforts, in most respects. The lady of the house is evidently warning the maid to keep away from the chauffeur so she can have him all to herself - a weak but adequate gag. Both women are classic Ward glamor girls, and the maid has an innocent expression much like the spanked sorority girl we saw at the beginning of this series. But once again, haphazard positioning detracts from the overall effect.

The hand or hairbrush are small enough that they could be used like this, although with less than ideal results since the spanker could only alternate whacks from side to side, and not deliver any dead-center smacks. But the legs waving about so wildly give a bad line to the body, and it's strange that Ward more often than not failed to realize this fact, especially since his contemporaries like Homer and Kirk Stiles never made this mistake. We'll have more to say about this next time.

mistress spanks maid for going after chauffeur

Click to double-size the image. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/06/2011.

05/06/2011 Update: Here's a fresh scan we obtained from Mike's collection. Using it we can see that in terms of drawing this is Ward at his best. This may in fact be from the same digest that the image above was taken from.

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