Bill Ward Spanked on Table

man spanks woman on top of table

Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/02/2010

Bill Ward was undoubtedly the most prolific fetish cartoonist of all time, outstripping even large-output rivals like Bill Wenzel when it comes to the number of "spankers" he produced. We have some hope of eventually displaying all the spanking cartoons of DeCarlo, Stiles, and Homer, but this would be impossible in Ward's case. He kept on producing them for fetish publications throughout the 80's long after the Humorama line was gone and the rest of these artists had moved on one way or another. Yet although Ward is immensely popular among most people who like spanking cartoons, he is our least favorite among the more well-known spanking cartoonists, and for several reasons. For one thing, as the years went by Ward lost all sense of anatomical proportion, going completely boob-crazy. For another, his mode of expression became increasingly coarse. Finally, his awkward positioning detracts considerably from many examples of his spanking artwork.

Here, for example, the spankee is positioned sort of on all fours on the top of a desk. Although a little high up, this position would be workable if she were simply on hands and knees, with her thighs parallel and bottom sticking out. But no, for some reason Ward once again insists on having unnecessary motion taking place at the hip joint. The result is as always a twofold loss: the bottom is not as well-presented as it should be, and without the thighs being kept parallel it is impossible to spank across both buttocks simultaneously. We've been harping on this point all during this series, so let's really pound it into the ground now by comparing Ward to some other humor cartoonists, both his contemporaries and a couple of moderns.

kirk stiles cartoon secretary spanked homer cartoon secretary spanked cartoon spanking by Bill Wenzel cartoon spanking by Dan DeCarlo
Kirk Stiles: thighs parallel and even locked in place; bottom nicely turned up. Homer: less bending at the waist and allows bending at the knee but no flexing at the hip, so again the thighs are kept parallel. Bill Wenzel: thighs parallel, and even holds the entire leg straight. Dan DeCarlo: thighs parallel, allowing hand to come down evenly across both buttocks.

dan n. pretty poacher dave wolfe supergirl spanked
Dan: thighs parallel; lower leg straight like Wenzel. Dave Wolfe: even the mighty Supergirl must keep her thighs parallel, allowing her cousin to smack her bottom dead center!

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