boss spanks secretary

We had so much fun with the last two secretary spankings that we decided to do four more. The artist of this one is unknown, and no caption is shown, but it's clear the boss is spanking her for some office-related transgression. The old-fashioned underwear on display is fun, too. Notice that she's not making any protest about being spanked, a theme to which we shall return in subsequent entries of this series. JimC actually once saw the original caption, which had the boss saying something about his secretary's tardiness and the need for her to work on her punctuation.

12/03/2010 Update: The signature "FE" is difficult to make out, and for a long time we thought it might belong to someone named F. Engel, but eventually and with the assistance of DRD, we determined it is the unlikely insignia of Frank Beaven. The complete story may be found in Tuesday Birthday Spanking.

03/22/2013 Update: We have two more versions now that reveal the caption: "I gave you a salary increase, but you don't deserve it!"

Not much of a gag, and knowing what it was doesn't really change the cartoon's essentials: a boss is spanking his secretary. Nothing unusual in that, at least not in the realm of the Humorama digests. At left is a version from an unknown source, possibly Cartoon Digest, that we think we found on a blog which no longer exists. The one at right came from Steve W., who located it in the March 1959 issue of Snappy. These appear to be distinct versions since the first has a comma which the second lacks.

boss spanks secretary frank beaven

Source unknown, but may be Cartoon Digest (click to increase in size).

boss spanks secretary frank beaven

From Snappy (March, 1959 - click to triple-size).

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