Traffic Offender Spanked

officer spanks female offender

Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/28/2010

For the second in our series on the art of Herc, we have a cop spanking a traffic offender, a situation only slightly less common in spanking cartoons than the boss/secretary pairing. Herc does this one differently from the way DeCarlo did his, with the spankee aquiescing to her discipline much in the same way we saw in the first entry. By contrast, DeCarlo's spankee was a little dismayed at being turned OTK. (DeCarlo did another cop spanking cartoon that was very similar to his first, soon to be posted as part of our next DeCarlo series).

funbun altered version

Here is a version as altered by Funbun. He bared the bottom as he usually does, but he didn't have to make it any rounder since the one Herc provided was round enough as-is. As usual, we consider this an improvement, and we're sure that Herc and other artists like DeCarlo, Stiles, etc. would have bared their spankees' bottoms if the standards of the day would have allowed them to.

doc cylon altered version

10/22/2010 Update: Here is another version. Doctor Cylon took Funbun's version above and then colorized it.

09/14/2012 Update: Two more versions: Below left we have what appears to be a photocopy of the original cartoon, source unknown (by "original" we mean the way Herc drew it, not that it was necessarily taken from the first printing - more on this in a moment). Below right we have a better copy of the original from Dan Rivera, which he posted on the CSR Bulletin Board under the the Humorama Spanking Cartoons topic.

herc cop spanks speeder alternate caption

Alternate caption, origin unknown (click to enlarge).

herc cop spanks speeder alternate caption

From Dan Rivera (click to enlarge).

Dan further explained why his version had to be the original:

"Whoever took this charming Herc toon and reversed it probably did so in order to show the spanker using his right hand rather than his left. As a long time cartoonist of spanking pics, I have always known that right-handed spankers are more common than lefties, and indeed my old publisher at Spank Hard always insisted that I draw only right-handers doing the deed. But people who just casually decide to reverse a cartoon almost never take into consideration all the facets that will be affected by that decision. One of them, of course, would be if there was lettering in the toon that would be rendered unreadable in reverse. But in this Herc drawing, there is an even more offensive drawback. You see, traditionally police officers wear their badges over the left side of their chest."

Hugob00m also pointed out that whoever reversed the cartoon also changed the cami-knickers slightly, removing a decoration near the edge. Why he did that we have no idea, although he may have felt it was more authentic or perhaps more attractive that way.

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