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Chicago Spanking Review Special Presentation

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#29 - Secretary Spanking # 19 (Morse Code Birthday Spanking)

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humorama homer secretary spanking with obscure morse code gag

Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/17/2011.

Continuing our Homer mini-series we return to his normal M/F mode. This one takes place in an office, but editor Abe Goodman chose to mix and match several spanking gags, resulting in something of a mess. First we have our twenty-first Secretary Spanking, and it could have worked as a standard "spanked for dictation errors" cartoon, but then Goodman tried to make it a birthday spanking, and finally added a Morse Code gag, something like the one in Homer's Secretary Spanking #9. The result is a mishmash, although it still retains Homer's characteristic virtues and we like the two secretaries in the background, perhaps wondering if their turn is next.

Most of Homer's spankees seem to be willing and eager participants, but this one is a little different. Her attitude seems mainly to be one of acceptance, that getting spanked for screwing up is exactly what she expects. It's been awhile since that attitude could be found in the workplace, although there almost certainly were incidents like the one depicted here that took place in the 1930's. Displaced farm girls forced into the city to find work would probably have expected to get spanked on the job since that was their experience at home, and we have heard one very believable story that ran along those lines.

cover of cartoon parade from sometime in 1968 cover of laugh digest august 1968

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Only rarely do we have the complete publication history of any Humorama spanking cartoon; in some cases we're lucky enough to pinpoint one of the usually several places that a particular "spanker" appeared. We thought at first we had identified this one in a 1968 issue of Cartoon Parade (left), but a close examination of an admittedly poor thumbnail-quality scan reveals that the cartoon on the cover is not a reversed version of this one but is a different, extremely similar cartoon. The background is almost the same with the two onlookers, but the figures are reversed in position for left-handed spanking, the spankee is dark-haired, and there's a typewriter plainly visible. It's almost like a combination of the one on this page with Secretary Spanking #9 (see link above). Looks like there's another Homer cartoon we need to get ahold of.

11/18/2011 Update: We still don't have the exact date this cartoon first appeared, but here we see it reprinted on the cover of the April 1968 Laugh Digest (right). As for that other cartoon, we found it and turned it into Secretary Spanking #27.

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