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Chicago Spanking Review Special Presentation

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#53 - Bank Overdraft Spanking

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One of the less-common themes among spanking cartoons is the situation in which the spankee has gotten a little behind (so to speak) in her loan payments or, as here, has overdrawn her bank account. Until we saw this cartoon, we always thought being a bank teller was a rather dull job! Bill Ward as usual draws a tight-fitting satin dress and a round bottom, but the spankee is only leaning slightly over the teller's counter instead of fully bending over or being taken over the knee, so the position isn't quite what it should be.

This cartoon made its first appearance in 1960 and was reprinted in the April, 1968 issue of Laugh Digest, which is where we believe Mike must have found it. (We often don't know the details with Mike's collection because Mike clipped the spanking cartoons - the most important part, of course! - out of the digests). The version at right is from Collector108 and appears to be a scan or photograph of the original art later touched up with some color enhancements.

humorama bill ward bank overdraft spanking

From Mike's collection (click to double-size).

bill ward overdraft spanking collector108

From Collector108.

humorama bill ward bank overdraft spanking

From Snappy (July, 1960). Web-Ed's collection (click to double-size).

11/09/2012 Update: Here now is the first version of this cartoon to see print, from the July, 1960 issue of Snappy. No change in the caption, but the process used to prepare it for printing seems to have produced a lighter tone than the later one did.

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