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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#80 - Stiles Spanking Analyst #1

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stiles analyst spanking female patient

From the collection of Dan Rivera (click to triple-size). Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/17/2012.

The Secretary Spanking was probably the most common type of Humorama "spanker," but we believe that the year after inventing it, Bill Wenzel went on to invent what we have called the "shrink spanking" - the psychiatrist who prescribes the OTK treatment for his female patient. Wenzel actually did this in a non-Humorama digest called Pepper in 1956, and we'll be seeing it eventually, but he also did one for Humorama (1959) which we have seen previously, and following his example, so did George Morrice (date unknown) and Stanley Rayon (date unknown). At some point Kirk Stiles got into the act with two of his own, and we'll see the first of them now.

The "shrink spank" gag is a good one, revolving around the idea that these spoiled, modern women basically exaggerate their problems and have nothing wrong with them that a good spanking won't cure. Stiles handles it well here, with the psychiatrist clearly enjoying himself and the spankee's expression confirming his diagnosis by its admission that "I'm disappointed by not getting the attention I wanted, but deep down I must admit I deserve this spanking." The OTK positioning is good, and we suppose the shrink's missing right hand must be under the spankee's raised dress someplace. But once again, Stiles does the underwear rather strangely, and with our well-known penchant for historical research, this time we're going to delve into the subject more deeply. Not everyone would take the time to closely examine various types of women's nether garments, and even get some young models to demonstrate for us how they're supposed to look, but no sacrifice is too great here at CSR.

underwired bra by what katie did

Now, we're not posing as some kind of fashion consultants, but we do know a few things about women's lingerie. (First one to shout out "Yeah, like how to remove it!" leaves the room). We're most familiar today with slips (worn under dresses), brassieres, boyshorts, and panties. At left we see a bra & panties combination, very modern in style and quite effective. This is not what we typically saw in the Humorama digests, but we've included it here to make sure everyone can make the distinction.

Did you notice the model's jewelry? No? Then relax - you're a perfectly normal, healthy male!

harlow peach french knickers

The Humorama artists by and large favored the older style of cami-knickers, which of course wasn't so old back in the 1950's. Here we see french-style knickers in harlow peach, just to give you the general idea of what we're talking about.

white luxury satin cami-knickers

In the cartoon above and many others, Stiles seemed to prefer traditional-style cami-knickers with a cute see-through fringe to add to its sexiness, yet he often had trouble drawing them correctly. In the cartoon above, he has them strangely pulled up at an odd angle that causes the hem to run the wrong way! At left is the way cami-knickers are supposed to look - all you artists out there should file this away for future, eh, reference.

black cami-knickers

Just to make sure everyone understands what cami-knickers are supposed to look like, here is another example of a particularly spankable model, worn by a particularly spankable model! Study this closely in case there's a test later.

black half-slip

Stiles seemed to have trouble at times distinguishing between a pair of cami-knickers and a half-slip. At left we see the half-slip, which is like a full slip except it starts at the waist, sort of half-way down. Of course, some might say that when you start half-way down, you've missed half the fun, but we won't since we don't want to be overly suggestive.

sheer black slip

And if you don't want to start half-way down, start at the top with a full slip, which as you can see is a one-piece garment. You can also see through this one-piece garment - another point in its favor! We may revisit these highly educational photos in the future as we review more of Stiles' work.

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