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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#82 - Dan DeCarlo Hill Spanking #2

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decarlo hill pappy spanks daughter

Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/30/2012.

decarlo hill pappy spanks daughter animated

Animation probably done by Jon at Underground-Animations.

This is the second and more rarely seen of of the two "hill country spanking" cartoons done by Dan DeCarlo (the first, with characters based on Li'l Abner, may be seen here). In this one, Pappy is upset because his daughter eloped, obviating any need for the customary "shotgun wedding" for which he had purchased a new shotgun. It has DeCarlo's familiar trademarks: serviceable gag, OTK positioning which is good visually (that is, we get a good look at the spankee's upended bottom) though somewhat unstable as a practical matter, and effective caricatures with a minimum number of lines.

Despite all our researches, we still don't know the date this first appeared. We suspect it was after Bill Wenzel did this one in 1956.

decarlo hill pappy spanks daughter

From the collection of Dan Rivera. Click to double-size.

Above we have two versions, a photocopy that has been in general circulation for some time, and an animation apparently based on it which we may have picked up from Underground-Animations when it was still around. At left is the cleanest scan known to exist at the present time, from the collection of Dan Rivera. Many more details are visible in this version, from grass blades to the word "flour" on the spankee's panties (the joke being that they're made from an old flour sack), and of course the shadings are clearer as well.

The difference in typography proves that this cartoon was reprinted at least once, which was the norm with Humorama, but as mentioned above, we don't have any precise printing dates.

decarlo hill pappy spanks daughter from funhouse

From the collection of and posted by the Web-Ed on 04/06/2012. Click to double-size.

Bad timing has haunted us all our life. Only days after posting this page, we obtained the July 1966 issue of Fun House Comedy and lo, there it was - our first hard copy of this cartoon! This was almost certainly its second printing. The finer shades of the ink wash are a little easier to see in this scan.

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