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Chicago Spanking Review Special Presentation

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#3 - Secretary Spanking #13

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secretary spanking

Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/14/2011.

The filing cabinet indicates an office setting, which means we have yet another secretary spanking cartoon! That's o.k. with us - we never get tired of that particular theme. The problem is that the lower portion has been truncated, so we don't have a signature (or a caption). The artist seems once again to have been influenced by Frank Beaven, and we'll hazard a guess that it's Jack O'Brien, who hasn't yet appeared in these pages but who has done two other cartoons that we'll be examining next in this series. [Note: we later determined that this cartoon is not by O'Brien - see below.]

The OTK positioning is good, and the secretary is pretty with a spankable bottom. We can't help noticing the odd clothing, though - the man is wearing a goofy-looking bow tie of the kind you'd expect to see as part of a clown costume, while the secretary doesn't seem to be wearing any panties - maybe that's why she's getting spanked!

Now it's time to play forensic document examiner again in an attempt to justify our guess that this cartoon is O'Brien's work. Below, we compare a sample of O'Brien's known work to a portion of the questioned drawing.

known example of o'brien's work questioned sample

Known sample of O'Brien's work. Note heavy black lines used to define the edges of the figures, and thick black semicircle used to help define the buttocks. We have added yellow trace lines to help illustrate what we mean.

Questioned drawing. Similar thick black lines define the legs and buttocks. The hem of the dress rides up in the same stiff fashion in both drawings (note wavy hemline suggesting irregular folds in the material). Not quite enough to be sure, but the similarity is there. If we had the un-cropped version, our task would be easier.

known example of o'brien's work questioned sample

08/31/2012 Update: With the discovery of this cartoon, we now know that the questioned cartoon is not O'Brien but Henry Scarpelli. We still think that Scarpelli copied some of O'Brien's technique for some reason.

01/25/2013 Update: We now have two additional versions of this cartoon with the caption intact. It reads "Most bosses would dock your pay for coming in late, but I'm not money mad!" Isn't she lucky to have a boss like that? Steve W. located the cartoon's first printing in Snappy (May 1959, at below left), while we've lost track of where we found the version below right - from its appearance with the caption scrunched into the art, we'd guess it was taken from a later full-sized magazine reprint.

scarpelli secretary spanking from may 1959 snappy

First appearance in the May 1959 Snappy (from the collection of Steve W). Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/25/2013 (click to double-size).

humorama scarpelli secretary spanking

Source unknown but probably full-size magazine and not a digest.

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