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humorama spanking cartoon pastiche man spanks wife and mistress

Created by Tim. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/03/2013

For the third in our series of Humorama pastiches by Tim we have the April (year unknown) "issue" of LAFF. These efforts bear some of the signs of covers since they have a price displayed, but they're really more like splash pages (to borrow a term from comics), which in the Humorama digests means they would have been on Page 3. Something about this one, perhaps the spanker's arm, suggests Earl Engleman's A Spanking Breeze, and certainly this is the most Humorama-like of Tim's cartoons to date. The gag is very much like something Abe Goodman would have written had there been any women been writing articles on spanking back in the late 50's, and Miss Blenkinsop's dress is pulled up to reveal a rather plain pair of cami-knickers, which was typical of the Humorama cartoonists (Wenzel preferred clingy dresses that didn't need to be raised because they were so thin, and Ward sometimes used a similarly thin satin fabric). Fine OTK positioning of the kind we didn't always get from Humorama but should have adds to the attraction here.

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