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Batgirl Spanks Catwoman

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batgirl spanking catwoman OTK by mr jer

Art by Mr Jer. Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/26/2013.

Batgirl is so obviously the submissive type that we naturally expect her to be on the receiving end of the spanking, except perhaps with Harley Quinn. Certainly when she goes up against the Joker, the result is a foregone conclusion - a red bottom for Batgirl. And twice we've seen her taking a licking from Catwoman (here and here). Still, to paraphrase the great comics artist Wally Wood, "There are good guys and bad girls, and the job of the good guys is to spank the bad girls". So if Batgirl is to ever spank anyone, logically it should be a villainess like Catwoman, and she does indeed turn the tables on her now in this work by Mr. Jer.

We've seen Mr. Jer work in this style before: realistic but with minimal coloring, and it's highly effective. Of course the effort isn't hurt by the excellence of the facial expressions (Batgirl might be thinking, "How pleasant it is to be giving the spanking for once!" while Catwoman most likely sincerely regrets her choice of a criminal career), the fine OTK positioning, and Catwoman's nice big rear.

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