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Batman Spanks Poison Ivy

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batman spanking poison ivy as she's bent over a bench

Art by Jason Register (click to double-size). Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/19/2013.

We've seen Poison Ivy spanked four times before - by Catwoman, by Wonder Woman, by Harley Quinn, and by Batman during Invidia's Superhero Spanking Month. Since Ivy was Batman's foe, it's rather surprising that of these four only Invidia used Batman as her spanker, and Jason Register remedies that deficiency now.

Register's Batman is reasonably close to the comics version, but his Poison Ivy is unique - very sparsely-leaved costume and long, angular limbs. The positioning is unusual, bent over a bench that could be made of stone, but it seems to be effective nonetheless. Rest assured that Ivy is a very bad villainess and deserves every swat she gets.

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