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Mary Jane Spanks Gwen Stacy!

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Twice recently we have seen Mary Jane Parker (neé Watson) in the role of spanker of other females: MJ Spanks Spider-Gril and MJ Spanks Black Cat. In a moment we're going to see MJ that way a third time with a most unexpected spankee, but to understand the dialogue, we're going to have to revisit one of the most famous scenes in all superhero comics.

We actually saw this one three years ago, back in Green Goblin Spanks Mary Jane. Although MJ had appeared briefly in several previous issues of Spider-Man, this is the first time we (and Peter) got to see her face. Expecting a plain-looking girl, he practically jumps out of his socks when MJ shows up at his aunt's house in Amazing Spider-Man #42 (November 1966) and utters the famous line: "Face it, tiger, you just hit the jackpot!".

peter hits the jackpot in Spider-Man #42

The famous last panel from Amazing Spider-Man #42. Art by John Romita Sr. © Marvel Characters Inc. (click to increase in size).

mary jane spanks gwen stacy

Characters © Marvel Characters Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/17/2015 (click to increase in size).

That explains the dialogue here - but is it directed toward Peter or Gwen Stacy, our surprise spankee? Is Gwen supposed to feel she's "hit the jackpot" in being spanked by MJ, or is it Peter, who perhaps may have stumbled onto this girl/girl scene by accident who's "hit the jackpot"? It's pretty funny either way with the captions strategically placed to cover up the naughty bits on our two buck-naked participants. The half-Peter, half-Spidey face was an expressionistic device used during the strip's early days, principally by artist Steve Ditko. Gwen more closely resembles John Romita's rendering of the character than Ditko's (Ditko never had a chance to draw MJ's face as explained above). It's a solid spanking drawing on its own even outside this context, with Gwen looking very submissive. We suspect from the style and the sheer erotic energy that this is the work of Rebecca, but the signature is cut off ("REBE") and we couldn't find another copy of this drawing.

Now we have to explain a little about who Gwen Stacy is. She appeared as Peter's college classmate right after he graduated high school, and for a time occasionally dated his roommate Harry Osborn while Pete dated MJ. But then, in a Stan Lee plot development, Pete decided it was Gwen he loved and the two became seriously involved while MJ basically played the field (sometimes with Harry!). Eventually, soon after Lee had left the strip to become Marvel's publisher, Gwen was killed off in one of the most controversial editorial decisions in Bronze Age comics we can think of. But obviously she was not forgotten - there's no way any fan of that strip during that period could forget! - and in fact we posted a nice drawing of Spidey spanking both her and MJ a few years ago (Sting of the Spider-Paddle).

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