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JimC suggested we do a feature on female comic-book characters in good position to get spanked. As it happens, Dave Wolfe had already started a similar topic over on the SpankingPanels Forum with some Supergirl examples, and we chimed in with a few ourselves. Nonetheless, we were intrigued by the idea, so let's go ahead with it now. In keeping with the spirit of Super-Spanking Summer which is currently (2011) ongoing, we've decided to restrict it to superheroines (and maybe super-villainesses) for the time being. We also decided to use only examples from actual comics.

It was Jim's idea that all the artists out there could go ahead and use these to create complete spanking scenes by providing a suitable spanker. If you've got that kind of talent, please go ahead and do so - send us your completed work and we'll be glad to add it right here. We even did one ourselves, but we're saving it for the conclusion of the Supergirl Spanking Search.

Some non-super characters in spankable positions have already been seen in the pages of CSR:

"Spankable Positions" can be subdivided into two categories, quasi-OTK, where we can imagine the subject going across our own knee or perhaps someone else's, and bending over, where we can imagine the subject, well, bending over for the paddle (or cane, if you prefer). The quasi-OTK is the rarer of the two, so let's begin with that and with Dave Wolfe's suggestion of Supergirl as she appeared in Super-Team Family #11. Like some of the other examples, we have removed extraneous background details and reversed the image to favor a right-handed spanker.

supergirl from Super-Team Family #11

© DC Comics Inc.

1. Supergirl in near-perfect OTK position, from Super-Team Family #11.

supergirl from Adventure #422

Also posted on   © DC Comics Inc.

2. Supergirl in less-perfect position, from Adventure Comics #422. Still good if you use your imagination - her "EEYOWW!" and the distinct possibility that the robot's ray blast is zapping her where she sits down helps.

zatanna about to get spanked

© DC Comics Inc.

3. Zatanna. No matter what we did to this one, we couldn't make it seem like she was going across our knee, but we find that we can picture her going across another character's, who unfortunately was not present on the cover of DC Super-Stars of Magic (art by Gray Morrow). We like it that her coattails are flipped up and out of the way, exposing the target.

black canary bends over, elbows on the table

Also posted on the CSR Forum. © DC Comics Inc.

4. Like Zatanna, Black Canary when in costume wears fishnet stockings. Seen here in civilian garb, she's rather obligingly placed her elbows on the table, which is one way of getting a spankee to bend over far enough. With the seat of her slacks stretched tight, we'd say she's bending over far enough, all right - for a good paddling! From Action Comics #441, art by Mike Grell.

supergirl bending over, skirt flying up

Also posted on © DC Comics Inc.

5. When the character of Supergirl was revived, DC also brought back a modified version of her old 60's-era miniskirt. The only "problem" with this was that when airborne, her skirt would fly up, revealing her nether garments. Supposedly some DC editor grew tired of this happening and ordered a costume change. He was no relative of ours, that's for sure. From Action Comics #706.

beverly switzler bending over as duck girl

© Marvel Comics Inc.

6. Howard The Duck's old girlfriend Beverly Switzler (as Duck-Girl) responds to the call of "Duck-Girl", and it's lucky for us she does since she winds up in the classic "hands-on-knees" position! From the HTD black & white magazine, art by the late Marshall Rogers.

harley quinn in batgirl costume on hands and knees

© DC Comics Inc.

7. We've mentioned elsewhere that both Batgirl and Harley Quinn are deeply submissive, so when Harley disguises herself as Batgirl the result is a foregone conclusion: on her hands and knees, bottom raised high, Harley is prepared to accept her swats. Hands and knees is a workable spanking position, but the hips should be higher (thighs vertical). This way, you have the same problem you would with feet on the floor and knees bent, namely, the hips angle downward, making it very difficult to apply the paddle squarely.

A further note: if you're going to generously allow your super-heroine to keep her costume on while you spank her, be sure it's one like Batgirl's (or Harley's, for that matter) that stretches tightly across the seat, offering little or no protection!

supergirl bending over

© DC Comics Inc.

8. Here is Supergirl's original costume, from "The Green Sun Supergirl" in Action Comics #337. She was lying on the ground in the original version, but with a little imagination she could be bending over, or with a little more, she could be OTK. Best of all, she has no powers under a green sun, so she'll feel every stinging swat we choose to give her! Art by Jim Mooney.

camilla touching her toes

9. The rarest of the bending-over positions has to be the honest-to-goodness "touch your toes", but it sure is a fine thing to see when it does occur! Camilla, the Jungle Girl who wears a zebra-patterned bikini to distinguish herself from all the other Jungle Girls, shows us how it's done in Jungle Comics #33.

touch your toes, ms. marvel!

© Marvel Comics Inc.

10. Ms. Marvel follows suit in an action sequence from Avengers Annual #8, art by George Perez. Too bad it was rather a small drawing, as the position is enhanced here by the extra-wide stance, providing an outstanding opportunity to give man-hating feminism the good, solid whack it deserves, and right where it's needed most!

dumb bunny bends over

© DC Comics Inc.

11. She's not touching her toes, but Dumb Bunny is bending over far enough here to get the job done. Nice back arch resulting in a well turned-up bottom. Just remove that cotton tail and you're ready to apply the paddle! From the Inferior Five's first appearance in Showcase, art by Joe Orlando.

supergirl bending over

© DC Comics Inc.

12. We've used this one before, but we never get tired of it. Supergirl obligingly provides us with a most excellent target! From Superman Family #184.

supergirl from Adventure #422

Also posted on   © DC Comics Inc.

13. We don't expect ever to see a better superheroine touching-toes position than this one! The seat of Supergirl's shorts is stretched tight, awaiting the implement of correction. From Adventure Comics #422.

saturn girl bends over a console

© DC Comics Inc.

14. Of all the female Legionnaires, none needed a good comeuppance spanking as much as Saturn Girl - she was something of a smarty-pants, and had a superior, untouchable air at times. Mike Grell's art here from Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #209 has to be the most blatant example of T & A (or at least "A") on this page. Who in his right mind would design an instrument console in such a way that a female user has to stand up and bend over to reach the controls? (Us, that's who, but never mind.) Credibility is strained by that design and by that of Saturn Girl's preposterous pink bikini "costume" as surely as the seat of that costume is strained by her ample behind as she bends well over. This would be perfect paddling position if only Grell had shown all of her rear end and more of her legs.

That costume, by the way, is grounds for a spanking all by itself. In fact, it's the basis for one of our commission ideas that we hope will be realized some day: several of SG's fellow (female) Legionnaires get fed up with her parading around in her underwear, distracting the boys and setting back the cause of feminism more than 1000 years! The solution? A very good paddling, perhaps carried out by both Duo Damsels! As lingerie, or even as a swimsuit, it's not bad at all, but as an action costume in which to do battle with super-villains - well, we'll have more to say about it when we finally get around to that commission.

15. We've saved the best for last with this unbelievable shot from the cover of Inferior Five #11. You couldn't ask for a better-positioned heroine than Dumb Bunny is here: bending over with an acute angle at the waist, thighs vertical, head up, back arched, spandex stretched tight over the target - a pose that just begs for the application of a paddle! And as Dave Wolfe has noted, it's approved by the Comics Code Authority, too! Art once again by Joe Orlando.

dumb bunny bends over with back arched and fanny raised high

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