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Suzie, Like Skygirl

A few months back, we did a feature on Skygirl, a Fiction House comics heroine who should have been spanked but wasn't. She did spend a lot of time assuming spankable positions, however, in such a blatant T & A fashion that we thought she deserved a page in this gallery.

Having searched through all available scans of Golden Age Archie Publications, we find that another heroine had similar proclivities - in fact, some of the poses look as if they were copied from Matt Baker's Skygirl. Her name was Suzie, and unlike Skygirl, she was spanked several times, at least twice (as of 2016) on panel (in PEP Comics #59 and Suzie #83). Because she was always in trouble, and because she may have appeared in some other Archie comics we don't yet know about, there may be some more spanking scenes out there (cheery thought). But here let's content ourselves with examples of Suzie following in Skygirl's footsteps.

suzie may get butted in pep #53

Let's begin with a panel from PEP Comics #53, six issues before the spanking. This one looks like it came straight out of vaudeville, with Suzie bending over about to be butted by a ram. This is the kind of gag we'd expect from Harry Sahle, who did the art (and presumably the script), and who did the spankings of Candy in this gallery.

For a few similar examples of high-level humor, see our post "Bulletman Blows an Opportunity" and Ripley's "Jeanie #17" under the Threats and Missed Opportunities topic on the Bulletin Board.

Suzie draws a bath for her employer, bending over in order to do so. Suzie attracts attention in a store by bending over. This is an unusual two-panel gag, reminiscent of The Benny Hill Show. Skygirl's rear end was normally positioned so only we, the reader, could appreciate it, but Suzie here bends over much to the delight of an elderly man who peers at her upraised bottom through his monocle.
suzie bends over in topnotch #36

From Top-Notch Laugh Comics #36 (May 1943).

suzie bends over in topnotch #28

From Top-Notch Laugh Comics #28 (July 1942).

suzie bends over in topnotch #28

From Top-Notch Laugh Comics #28 (July 1942).

suzie bends over in Black Swan Comics #1

From Black Swan Comics #1 (1945).

Next we have one of the two poses that as we mentioned earlier look like they came straight out of Skygirl. Of course when beginning any electrical repairs as Suzie is here, it's necessary to bend over in order to reach the panel.

suzie bends over in Pep Comics #58

From PEP Comics #58 (September 1946).

This one really looks like a Matt Baker pose from Skygirl. Art by Bill Woggon.

suzie falls in the OTK position in Pep Comics #57

From PEP Comics #57 (June 1946).

From the previous issue of PEP Comics. More slapstick humor, but the physics of the situation eludes us. How can a falling body wind up in the position Suzie does here, very close to classic OTK, and with head up and back nicely arched making it even better? Your guess is as good as ours. We think the rotund gentlemen should have spanked her for knocking him down so rudely. The artist is again unknown.

suzie bends over to examine blanket in Top-Notch Comics #31

From Top-Notch Laugh Comics #31 (December 1942).

Much in the same way that Skygirl would bend over to examine some aircraft part, Suzie here examines the workmanship of a blanket, of course bending all the way over in order to do so. Why couldn't just one instance of the silly M/M slapstick paddling that took place in some Archie books (like Zip Comics #44) have been transplanted here, in M/F format, where Suzie is so perfectly positioned to be on the receiving end of the paddle?

suzie tests her strength at a carnival in top-notch #32

From Top-Notch Laugh Comics #32 (January 1943).

Our last three examples come only one issue later (#32). For some reason, Suzie decides to test her strength with one of those old devices you used to see at carnivals. Lifting the mallet over her head gives us the opportunity for some slapstick humor as well as showcasing some of Suzie's attributes. (Art by Ed Goggin.)

suzie bends over again in top-notch #32

From Top-Notch Laugh Comics #32 (January 1943).

Later, Suzie shows us that she has a good heart.

reversed image for right-handed paddling

From Top-Notch Laugh Comics #32 (January 1943).

We couldn't resist making a mirror image of the previous panel. We paddle with our right hand, you see...

suzie bends over a desk

From Suzie #52 (Winter 1945-46). Art by Al Fagaly.

09/09/2016 Update: The poses we've seen so far came from a variety of sources, but Suzie did eventually get her own book, with Top-Notch Laugh Comics, which had already been renamed a few times, being renamed one more time to "Suzie". Let's see three more of Suzie, then, plus one of Taffy (one of Suzie's back-up features) from her own title. First "up" is this one from Suzie #52.

Suzie is working as a secretary in this one, and as she bends over the desk it would have been a great opportunity for a secretary paddling. The artist, Al Fagaly, defined the buttocks pretty clearly here, and in fact there is an after-spanking or after-booting panel (we can't be sure which) - see Suzie After Spanking - at the end of the story.

suzie bends over again in suzie #53

From From Suzie #53 (Spring 1946). Art by Bill Woggon. Published by Archie Comics.

One issue later we had not one, not two, but three such panels! First, in a panel that reminds us very much of Skygirl bending over to examine part of an airplane, Suzie bends over to examine her engine. The artist is the waggish Bill Woggon, who also scripted.

suzie bends over for the 2nd time in issue #53

From From Suzie #53. Art by Bill Woggon.

Later in the same story ("Suzie Goes West!"), Woggon has her bend over for a second time! And this is after she's accidentally blown up her car and lands fanny-first on a cactus! (See Suzie's Behind in Jeopardy for that one).

taffy bends over in issue #53

From Suzie #53. Art by Bill Woggon.

Comics were still 52 pages in those days, so Suzie had a number of back-up features, including the popular Katy Keene, the Archie-imitator Wilbur, and two other teen-age girls, Ginger and Taffy. We've decided to give Katy her own page, and Ginger doesn't seem to have assumed the position (although there were a few after spanking panels - see Suzie After Spanking), but Taffy did at least once - in Suzie #53, after Suzie had already done so twice! The artist is once again Bill Woggon, who obviously liked this type of pose - a man after our own heart! This is believed to be Taffy's first appearance, by the way.

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