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Dixie Dugan Spanking #3

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We discussed Dixie Dugan when we introduced the first spanking from the strip, but we didn't go into much detail, nor did we add much with the second spanking. As we're now going to present Spanking #3, it behooves us to provide a little more background.

Dixie Dugan began as a not-too-serious novel called Show Girl written by J.P. McEvoy in 1928. The comic strip began one year later in October 1929 with McEvoy doing the scripts and his long-time friend John H. Streibel handling the artistic chores. This was bad timing in a way for as the Great Depression set in, the public wasn't all that interested in young glamor girls, and Dixie started working at a variety of jobs to support herself and her parents. The strip lasted a long time, but was never very remarkable, and attempts to translate it to the film medium basically went nowhere.

However humdrum Dixie Dugan may have been, there were many spankings in the strip, including a whole bunch while Dixie was teaching at a school her father inherited, but these were of boys. Most of the others were given to Dixie's young niece Imogene. Because of her tender age, none of these have been presented in this gallery, but interested readers will find all the known spankings that took place on-panel in the Comics Spanking Data Base.

As a matter of fact, Imogene is slated for a spanking this time when she runs off to see the circus, but when Dixie goes to retrieve her, it's she who gets the spanking! Let's see:

dixie dugan july 19, 1936 dixie gets a paddle swat

Dixie takes a good swat on her behind in the July 19, 1936 Dixie Dugan. Script by J.P. McEvoy and art by John H. Streibel. Scans by Sweetspot. Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/23/2018. © McNaught Syndicate.

How true-to-life it was to have a burly roustabout patrolling the grounds with a paddle we can't say, although this motif has occurred in other comics and it may well have been based on actual practice in the 1920's and 30's, but the scene here certainly brought a smile to our face as the wood is applied to Dixie's rear end and the pain stars go a-flying, and for multiple panels afterward! Streibel was not a great artist, but he was perfectly competent and he drew spankings very well. This is the only known occasion on which Dixie herself gets spanked, although there was a very nice threat from her father that set her running. Both of these strips were discovered by Chief Strip Researcher Sweetspot.

Now let's review the spanking-related panels one more time, just for fun. The positioning is o.k. with Dixie on her hands and knees, and Streibel makes it clear that even though the swat is delivered through the tent canvas, Dixie really feels it! Look at her feet in panel #2 as she rubs the affected region with her right hand - she's doing a little dance because of the intense stinging! And it's still stinging when Dixie gets Imogene back home - she's still rubbing, and the pain stars (with effect lines) are still there! And Dixie's reaction is interesting, telling the roustabout that it was "all right" that he gave her the swat!

dixie dugan july 19, 1936 spanking panels

The spanking panels. © McNaught Syndicate Syndicate.

This is a really good scene, and with so many other spankings in the strip we have to wonder if McEvoy might have been into it. With only three known spankings of adult women so far, we can't positively say that he was - after all, spankings were considered very humorous at the time, and Imogene was only one of many young nieces or younger sisters in comics who frequently wound up OTK. But whether or not McEvoy was a spanko, Streibel always did a good job in rendering the spankings for which we, the spankos of a later era, are properly grateful. big grin

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