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Etta Kett Spanking #2

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Let's continue now our series of five spankings from the comic strip Etta Kett. Although Etta was spanked by her boyfriend last time, her remaining spankings (and that of a girl who's her exact double) are administered by her father. In this first paternal spanking, Etta has snuck out of the house on a lark, causing her parents great worry and the authorities to become involved. Etta's father declares, "I may be a little late in starting this, but better late than never!" We agree - he's a wise man!

This second spanking was about a year after the first and it's still only 1934, so let's consider what that means for the drawing style employed by creator Paul Robinson. Etta is thin and angular, which should remind us of the Diana Dane strips we examined recently (beginning here). It's not that there's any particular resemblance between Robinson and Don Flowers, whose style was very much his own, but that they shared common influences like Russell Patterson (discussed here). Another obvious example would be the excellent OTK scene from The Ladies Home Journal which we believe came from the same era.

This general style has its advantages but is less than ideal for spanking because its angularity and the thinness of its subjects means the spankee usually looks like she's got a small, bony butt! Again, see the Diana Dane / Glamor Girls series for a fuller discussion and Skygirl's Ginger McGuire (Glamor Girls Spanking #1) for a fuller behind! laughing face

etta kett spanked by her father on april 20, 1933

Etta Kett pulls a prank and gets spanked! Written and drawn by Paul Robinson. Publication date May 5, 1934. Discovered by and scanned by Sweetspot. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/21/2017 (click to increase in size). © King Features Syndicate.

etta kett spanking panel from 05/05/1934

The spanking panel. Scan by Sweetspot. © King Features Syndicate.

The spanking panel is pretty good. In fact it's almost a replay of the one we saw last time, with Etta's skinny hips still canted a bit to the left. We should take special note of her father's declaration, which boils down to "Better to start spanking your daughter late than never!" because we're going to see this theme again in spankings #4 and 5.

Paternal spankings are probably nobody's favorite, but this one is certainly well-deserved and it is a fact that girls with a wild tendencies benefit greatly from the OTK treatment.

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