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Paragon Spanks Singapore Sal in Femforce

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pirate girl singapore sal gets spanked in femforce #46

New scan from Web-Ed's collection August 2011. © AC

Here's a scene that reminds us a little of The Phantom (see the Phantom give several good spankings including here elsewhere in Comics Gallery 1 and 2). This is from Femforce #46 (1992, no month given).

August 2007 update: Helena informs us that the girl is Singapore Sal and the spanking hero is called Paragon. She provides us with these notes on the issue:

"Meanwhile, Harry Diamond arranges a plan with TC Fremont to pay the ransom Singapore Sal, Iron Jaw, and Killer Clown have demanded for Janis Lawson. When Harry delivers the money to the crooks, he and Janis are both saved from death at Sal's hands by the timely intervention of Paragon, who easily overcomes the trio, finally ending Janis' hellish ordeal."

pirate girl singapore sal gets spanked

08/26/2011 Update: Here's a colorized version we picked up several years ago. We don't remember where, and we never knew who the colorist was, unfortunately.   © AC

femforce #46 spanking issue cover

The issue's cover.   © AC

Recently when looking for old pages that needed an upgrade, it occurred to us that back issues of Femforce weren't exactly in high demand, and that we should be able to obtain a low-cost copy of #46, which we finally did, and in a high grade, too. Here now from that copy is the complete spanking page, story by Bill Black, art by Frank Turner and Mark Heike.

pirate girl singapore sal gets spanked in femforce #46

From the collection of and posted by the Web-Ed on 08/26/2011. © AC (click to double-size).

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