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Lana Lang Spanks Super-Tot with Hairbrush

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lana lang spanks super-tot

"What's the use of paddling him?" Art by Kurt Schaffenberger, title and issue number unknown. Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/21/2012.

Lois Lane made six failed attempts to spank a super-tot (seven if you count the depiction of #6 on the cover of Lois Lane #57 - see the Comics Spanking Data Base for details on the others). In that issue, we learn that Lana Lang had also broken a hairbrush and a tennis racquet trying to spank the boy, but we didn't actually see it happen. Perhaps since almost everyone else in the DC Universe had tried and failed to spank some super-tot or other, editor Mort Weisinger felt we might as well see Lana fail as well, and so we got this scene.

As was the case with the Martha Kent scene, we turned it up on one of our image searches, and again, whoever posted it did not give any details. It looks like an "imaginary story" in which Lana has married Superman and had a super-son, and the artist is identifiable as Kurt Schaffenberger, so it most likely was taken from an issue of Lois Lane, although Superman is another possibility. We'll track it down eventually.

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