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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#162 - Bill Ward Topless Spanking

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bill ward topless f/f spanking

The last known new spanking cartoon to be printed by Humorama. From Fun House Comedy (Aug 1980). Today's scanners are so bright they penetrate through cheap paper rather easily, and some of the reversed images from the cover are visible here. From the collection of and posted by the Web-Ed on 04/10/2015. The artist is of course Bill Ward. (Click to triple-size).

We're going to present now what is, as far as we know at the present time, the last new Humorama spanking cartoon to have been printed. It first appeared in the August, 1980 issue of Fun House Comedy and was never reprinted (again, to the best of our knowledge and belief) during Humorama's last year. (The last Humorama magazines are now believed to have been cover-dated August 1981).

Although this cartoon has some of the same finishing effects as are familiar to us from the 1955-60 "classic" period for Humorama, Bill Ward clearly did this one much later, for the women here are both topless, something that we never saw during the earlier period. We might mention here that we believe Ward went on contributing the only new material, or nearly the only new material, that Humorama published during the 1961-72 period. After that, Ward, Bill Wenzel, and perhaps a few others sold new cartoons to Humorama, although most of the content was being reprinted for the third and fourth time. Interestingly, no new spanking cartoons are known from the 1961-72 period, but we know that Bill Wenzel did several between 1972-81 (e.g. Bongo-Style Spanking #2, Party Kook). This one by Ward, then, is historical for another reason than being the last new Humorama spanking cartoon - it's also the only one we know of that Ward did for Humorama after 1960. Of course it's still possible that both Ward and Wenzel, and maybe even other artists, did some "spankers" we don't know about yet during Humorama's final ten years - in fact we hope so - and should we find any we'll obviously present them as part of this series.

The editor must have wanted to showcase this cartoon, for it was given a prominent position - the inside front cover of the magazine, and at full-page size. (This was the magazine era, and in contrast to the digest days, many cartoons were printed at 1/4 page size). Ward was still obviously capable of doing some good-looking work once you get past the still-oversize boobs, but we don't think this cartoon is as good as his best F/F work from the "classic" period, much less his best M/F spankings. One drawback here is the awkward way the bending-over position is employed, with the spankee's knees being bent (although this defect was present in at least one of the earlier cartoons as well). Still, the spankee's expression of distress is rather satisfying, and it is a genuine Bill Ward spanking cartoon!

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