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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#166 - Spanked for Wrecking Car

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bill wenzel cartoon man spanks wife for wrecking car

Art by Bill Wenzel. Source unknown. Posted by the Web-Ed on 5/08/2015 (Click to double-size).

At this point in our ongoing Humorama search, the last thing we expected to find was a previously-unknown cartoon on the internet. But that is what we present today - a cartoon that appears to us to have come from Humorama's final decade, 1972-81, although in fact we have no proof it was actually published by Humorama at all. Bill Wenzel did at least one spanking cartoon that was not from Humorama, but that was back in the 50's and this cartoon is plainly from the 70's. It strongly resembles Two-Hand Rhythm Spanking and Shrink Spanks #6 in that Wenzel's style, never tight, is even looser here and the spankings are on the bare bottom. Wenzel also repeats his mistakes of two decades earlier in having the spanking given with the wrong hand. And yet even in this rather poor-quality photocopy his virtues shine through as well: a decent gag and a full-figured spankee with a spankable bottom.

We'll keep searching Humorama's last decade until we either find this cartoon or prove it couldn't have come from Humorama.

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