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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#148 - Shrink Spank #6

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bill wenzel cartoon psychiatrist spanking patient on her bare bottom

From Fun House Comedy (February 1980, click to double-size).

Last time we saw the fourth cartoon with a marriage counsellor who spanks wives, and this time we have the sixth with a psychiatrist who spanks his female patients (see

As a matter of fact, Wenzel did yet another cartoon along these lines, but it wasn't for Humorama so we haven't seen it yet.

The general idea in these "Shrink Spankers" is that the women have a tendency to hypochondria, and there's nothing wrong with them that a good spanking couldn't cure (the exception being Stiles' #5 in which the patient feels that she always needs spankings). The patient this time makes specific reference to a guilt complex, and it is a fact that some women need to be spanked to purge themselves of guilt feelings they may have been carrying around for many years. Other differences between this cartoon and those of the past are the modern fashions, the fact that the doctor seems to be enjoying himself just a tad, and the spankee's (apparently) bare bottom. And we see that even after all those years (and all those spanking cartoons), Wenzel still sometimes has the spanker use the wrong hand!

This is the second of four Wenzel "spankers" we found in the February, 1980 issue of Fun House Comedy and it has never appeared on the web before.

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