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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

Rivals of Humorama

#14 - "Corporal" Punishment

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felix andrews army corporal spanking woman

Art by Felix Andrews. From Mike's collection. Originally published in Adam magazine, date unknown. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/30/2016 (click to double-size).

There's a whole lot to say about this cartoon, so let's get started. The first thing we should notice is that the OTK position is excellent with the "leg lock" variant being used to ensure the spankee isn't going anywhere. And she's very nicely bent over his lap at a 90-degree angle, swinging her fanny high up into position and sticking it out. Andrews defines her buttocks very clearly using a good strong heavy line and then covers them with a very thin pair of panties, which only adds to the cartoon's eroticism. His sharp "stinging effect" lines are hard to see although their intent is plain enough. About Andrews' style generally we'll have more to say in a moment.

The gag is about average - a guy with two chevrons on his sleeve administers what the spankee now realizes is "corporal" punishment - not great, but good enough. And what other kind of punishment was she expecting? We think she knew all along she was going to be spanked but was too shy to admit it was o.k. with her.

This is one of the many cartoons Mike (this is the Mike a/k/a "M.D." to avoid confusion) entrusted to us back in 2010. Because his practice was to cut out the spanking cartoons and throw the rest of magazine away, no publication details were preserved although it was obviously an issue of Adam magazine. (By the way, Adam did not always have cartoons and although we've searched through a number of issues, we found no more spankings). We would guess it dates from the 1960's as that's when Mike did much of his collecting.

The first question that comes to mind is this: since Andrews contributed what we would estimate as several dozen cartoons to Humorama during its "classic" period (1955-60), why didn't he do any "spankers" for editor Abe Goodman when Goodman was buying them from just about everyone else? And when Andrews either had some knowledge of spanking or else just happened to be able to pose his couple as well or better than more gifted artists like Bill Wenzel?

The other obvious questions are (2) Did Andrews ever do any other spanking cartoons? and (3) Did Adam ever publish any other spanking cartoons? Alas, we have no answers at the present time, but if we ever find anything relevant - like an undiscovered Andrews "spanker" - we'll let CSR readers know.

felix andrews army corporal spanking woman

The original art (click to increase in size).

As it happens we were able to get a picture of the original art when it came up for auction a while back, and we see it at left. It doesn't tell us much we didn't already know - there are none of the stamps or other signs typical of Humorama such as the gag being block-lettered in at the bottom - but that's hardly a shock as we know it came from Adam. It's possible that the "47" refers to page 47 of the magazine, but since we don't have a copy we can't check.

felix andrews home survey gag cartoon

The original art for one of Felix Andrews' Humorama cartoons (click to double-size).

Here's some more of Felix Andrews' original art, this time from a cartoon we believe was published in a Humorama digest. He has quite an unusual style: heavy lines to outline the figures and very light, "scratchy" pencil strokes to render the backgrounds. The figures themselves are rather odd and at times resemble two-dimensional carboard cut-outs, weird as that sounds. (See e.g. the corporal's torso above and the entire figure of the man in the "survey" cartoon at left. The females at least tend to be busty and sexy, although not in the Stanley Rayon sort of way we discussed last time. He also draws sketchy segments of oval shapes centered around the cartoon's figures for some reason, apparently to exploit the geometric center as the compositional center also. In some ways, Andrews is as odd as "Screwy" Louie Magila but he does have a distinct style and usually manages to draw a sexy girl.

felix andrews cartoon of woman in bikini caption by hugoboom

A Felix Andrews cartoon of uncertain origin, as modified by Hugob00m (click to double-size).

Alert CSR readers might remember that we have encountered Felix Andrews before, on the Forum: in Humorama Artists Who Should Have Done Spankings and Missed Opportunities in Humorama. The cartoon at left is from the first of these topics and was modified by CSR Resident Artist Hugob00m, who rewrote the caption. Nothing two-dimensional about the girl in this one - she's 3-D (or maybe that should be 38D) all the way!

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