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thor spanks storm

Art by Raylude, apparently a commission for Dr. Al. Thor and Storm are © Marvel Characters Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/03/2015 (click to increase in size).

This one we found on ComicsImages with a name that implied it was Thor (resident God of Thunder over at Marvel) spanking Storm (of the X-Men). However, while the spanker is most definitely Thor, the spankee doesn't resemble Storm too closely, so we're not sure whoever named the file had it right. Storm has had a number of costumes over the years, but never short hair that we can remember. We have seen her spanked twice in this gallery: Wolverine Spanks Storm #1 and Wolverine Spanks Storm #2 so CSR readers can check out her costume for themselves. As Storm has some power over the weather, but shouldn't be as powerful as Thor who can control the elements with his storm-hammer, this is quite a natural pairing that no one seems to have thought of before.

Who thought of it this time was apparently Dr. Al. He then commissioned Raylude to do it over at WWOEC, from whence someone uploaded it to Comic-Images (a difficult place to search for spankings, by the way, but we've found some good stuff there). We last saw Raylude in this gallery with Prof. X Spanks Mystique, and he turns in a nice, fine-lined piece here. Storm is a little far back to be securely over Thor's knee, but having him hold both her wrists in his big hand is a nice touch, as is his handprint on her shapely bottom!

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