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Although Al Capp's Li'l Abner ended more than forty years ago, every veteran CSR reader knows the strip through our discussions of the two known spankings of Daisy Mae (Daisy Mae #1 Daisy Mae #2) and Doctor Cylon's all-time favorite, 0660-Tanning. The success of Li'l Abner led to many imitators, most of them awful (e.g. Ozark Ike), but there was one "hillbilly" strip that was every bit as good and certainly not an Abner-imitator since it went back all the way to 1919: Billy DeBeck's Barney Google, and it is the subject of today's presentation.

Barney Google was the wandering type, and after he wandered into the hills one day (o.k., he was running from the law) he was gradually replaced by a more-popular character he found there, Snuffy Smith. (We have seen this happen before with Thimble Theatre / Popeye and Fritzi Ritz / Nancy). The process took a long while - about twenty years - but Smith was clearly the star shortly after his debut. The episode we're going to see here comes from 1957, after DeBeck had died and his assistant, Fred Lasswell, had taken over the strip. It involves Snuffy's wife Loweezy and his nephew Jughaid.

There are actually two spankings here, and much as we loathe censorship we did remove the first one, where Loweezy spanks Jughaid for fibbing, because he's a minor. (Contact Web-Ed if you want to see the original version). But no sooner is this done than Loweezy starts telling some fibs of her own to a creditor looking for Snuffy: "Paw's gone over to Africky on his way to Chiney..." Loweezy and Jughaid stare at each other for a moment, each recognizing her dissembling excuses, Loweezy guilty and Jughaid upset, until she willingly turns herself over his lap and invites him to "Whack away!" - much to his delight. After all, she does deserve a spanking. wink

loweezy spanks jughaid and then gets spanked by him in the snuffy smith strip

Snuffy Smith June 9, year unknown. Script and art by Fred Lasswell. Scan by Douglas S.. © King Features Syndicate.

snuffy smith spanking panel where jughaid spanks loweezy

"Whack away!!" - justice will be done! © King Features Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/05/2019.

The spanking panel is more fun than sexy, but it's a very satisfying kind of fun! There is the general role reversal of "child spanks adult" that is often seen in the work of SP Anka, and more specifically the uncommon (and valuable) "boy spanks mother" (slightly altered here to nephew spanks aunt).

Our great thanks to Douglas S. for turning this one up. So far it is the only known M/F spanking in the strip.

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