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Spoiled Heiress Spanked in Superman Sunday Strip

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jack phillips spanks nancy talbot in the superman sunday comic strip

When we first posted this, we weren't sure where it came from, but we now know it was the first spanking from the Superman Sunday comic strip and that it originally appeared on December 21, 1941. We see the spoiled heiress type get the comeuppance her haughty arrogance (we may infer) has earned:

"You can't do this to m-me...!" (translation: "Because I am too good-looking, too rich, and have too many family connections to be held accountable for my bad behavior like an ordinary girl.")

"But I am doing it - and do I love it!"

The characters here are Jack Phillips and Nancy Talbot, and you can bet that she'll have more respect for him after this, and their relationship will be better and happier because he took the time and trouble to spank her. In fact, we see below that she finds him much more attractive after the spanking, which is very similar to the Superman/Lil Danvers spanking in the daily strip that took place exactly seven months earlier.

Here is another scan of the two critical panels. Notice how Nancy's body language perfectly conveys her haughtiness. Obviously Jack noticed, and decided to do something about it!
spanking panel from superman sunday strip #112

From the Web-Ed's collection, posted 08/26/2011. © DC Comics Inc. Click to double-size.

Here is the complete Sunday page #112, taken from some auction. Writer and Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel deserves a lot of credit in our view for being the first to do a comeuppance-type spanking within a superhero strip, where the arrogant female gets taken down a peg. Lee Falk excelled at this type of scene also, but didn't get around to it until Phantom Spanks Queen Pera in 1946, unless this one from Mandrake came first. He does however get the credit for the first superhero spanking of any kind with Phantom Spanks Zagra way back in 1938.

The art is probably by Paul Cassidy, Wayne Boring, and Superman co-creator Joe Schuster.

complete page from 12/21/1941 superman comic strip

This page was first posted sometime prior to 2007 and has been revised several times since.

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