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Wonder Woman Spanks Wonder Girl #9

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wonder woman spanks wonder girl #2 by el manto negro

Art by El Manto Negro. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/10/2015.

For the ninth time in this gallery we see Wonder Woman spanking Wonder Girl. This time, it's the second Wonder Girl, Donna Troy. (We can tell by her costume. See Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl #5 if you're confused.) The artist is El Manto Negro, who has made so many appearances in this gallery we'd have trouble listing all of them, and who most recently appeared in last year's special on She-Ra (see Queen Marlena spanks Adora and She-Ra spanks Scorpia). As a matter of fact, this is the Wonder Girl we most like to see spanked since she's more familar to us than Cassandra Sandsmark (whom we saw last time).

El Manto Negro (The Black Cloak) likes to vary the spanking positions used in his drawings, and uses the "under the arm" position here which works all right if you have super-strength as WW does - just ask Wonder Girl, who's obviously really feeling it here. He usually gives a very long line to the spankee's buttocks; it's shorter than usual here but his other touches including coloring and an appropriate background (here some Grecian architecture suggesting the antiquity from whence these characters are supposed to have come) are present.

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