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Carrie #8 - Catfight Caning

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Carrie's last spanking took place in June 1982, and we'll see the episode in its entirety. Carrie once again gets careless, opening a door and knocking a female painter (perhaps it's her roommate?) off a ladder. Naturally, a catfight ensues in which both girls lose their clothes and Carrie eventually loses the match - and that, of course, means a caning!

We've never understood the attraction a catfight seems to have for some men. If there's a less edifying spectacle than mud-wrestling, which is similar to the painted catfight here, we have no idea what it might be. Years ago, The Comics Buyers Guide was notorious for running ads for cheaply-produced catfighting comics. Despite one of these promising "loser gets a tanning with a tree branch" we managed to resist buying any of them. Silly as this catfight is, and despite the gratuitous spread-legs pose we would rather do without, we like the three stripes on Carrie's bottom (six would have been better) and the after-caning rubbing. Less catfighting and more caning (with a nice bent-over position) would have been an improvement.

carrie knocks another girl off a ladder

Carrie knocks another girl off a ladder. From Mayfair (June 1982). Art by Steve Kingston. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/30/2011.

carrie loses the catfight and so must accept a caning

Carrie loses the catfight and so must accept a caning. Perhaps she'll be more careful next time!

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