Chicago Spanking Review Navigation Page

This page is designed to help you find your way around Chicago Spanking Review if you're having trouble. CSR was designed to be easy to navigate, but it's a little different from most websites and it's very different from the typical blog! Most of CSR consists of individual pages that look like this:

sample page with screen print spider-man spanking mary jane

A typical CSR page. This one is from Comics Gallery 1.

So how do we find this delightful page featuring Congolike's depiction of Spider-Man spanking Mary Jane? Well, all the picture-based pages in CSR are listed in one of five index pages: COMICS GALLERY 1, COMICS GALLERY 2, DOCTOR CYLON, PICTURE GALLERY, and HUMOR GALLERY. These index pages use thumbnail images to link you to the desired page. Let's say we're interested in spankings involving comic-book characters. We proceed to COMICS GALLERY 1 to search:

sample page with screen print comics gallery 1 index

This is the Index Page to Comics Gallery 1. Click on the thumbnail image (not active in this screen print) to be taken to the desire page. Technically, the term "index page" should be reserved for the page in a website's root directory, but I'm using it here because it describes the indexing function these pages perform at CSR.

Next we need to know how to get to these index pages. It's easy - all of them can be reached from the Home Page by simply clicking on the associated "radio button":

sample page with radio button leading to comics gallery 1

One of the "radio buttons" that link to the index pages. Below you will find the complete list.

In addition to the five picture galleries already discussed, three non-pictorial departments - ARTICLES, FICTION, and VIDEOS AND GAMES - have index pages with descriptions and radio buttons that look very much like those on the HOME PAGE. The first two don't have thumbnail pictures because the individual pages aren't pictorial in nature, but VIDEOS AND GAMES has a still-frame for each item (page) to give you some idea what to expect.

In a few cases, there are Special Features indexed in COMICS GALLERY 1 and HUMOR GALLERY that link to pages within the Articles Section (also indexed there), but the principle is the same.

The LINKS index page is similar, but there the hyperlinks take you to external locations on the web.

EVENTS and FOR DESERVING WOMEN are self-contained individual pages that do not require an index.

E-MAIL THE WEB-ED is a standard mail-to button, which means it will compose an email automatically addressed to me using your default email client.

COMICS SPANKING DATA BASE and FORUMS take you to special pages that are not structured like the ones we've been discussing here. They're easy to use, though - check them out!

Here is the complete list of the various departments at CSR as we have been discussing them and largely as you will see them back on the HOME PAGE. "Date updated" has been replaced with a description. To go to a particular department, just press the associated button. These buttons are active here, although they're intended to be primarily for demonstration purposes, and you can just as easily use the ones on the HOME PAGE.

Articles Button ARTICLES - Understanding the Whys and Hows of spanking Just articles, some with illustrations.
link to CSR Comics page COMICS GALLERY 1 - Spankings from comic books, comic strips, comics art, and cartoons [spanking art] Mixture of actual comics and "fan art".
link to CSR Comics page 2 COMICS GALLERY 2 - More Spankings from comic books, comic strips, comics art, and cartoons [spanking art] Mixture of actual comics and "fan art".
link to CSR Comics Data Base COMICS SPANKING DATA BASE - Searchable, detailed information on every spanking from comic books and comic strips we can find. Also has links to those spankings that may be found here at CSR.
link to CSR doc cylon gallery DOCTOR CYLON'S WORLD - And a strange world it is, filled with spankings and red bottoms! [spanking art] Colorings and animations of the good Doctor.
Events Button EVENTS in the scene Just what it says.
fiction button FICTION - Stories by Helena, Valorie, Leilani, Doc Cylon, JimC, Jules, and John Feer! Just what it says.
forum button FORUMS - Speak your mind on a variety of spanking topics, and start your own poll if you wish
link to CSR photo gallery PICTURE GALLERY - Looking at a few good pics [spanking photos and art] Wide variety of pictorial matter.
link to CSR humor page HUMOR GALLERY - Looking for a few good laughs [spanking photos and art] A funny version of the Picture Gallery.
Links Button LINKS to some spanking websites worth knowing about External links.
video and games button VIDEOS AND GAMES - spanking in motion Only two games - Spank Batgirl and Spank Wonder Woman - but lots of spankings from TV, Movies, YouTube...
E-mail Button E-MAIL the Web-Ed
Get Spanked Button FOR DESERVING WOMEN - Press the red button to get Spanked by the Web-Ed!

See how simple the pathway is now? It really just looks like this:

  • Home Page > Articles Page (index) > Individual Page
  • Home Page > Comics Gallery 1 (index) > Individual Page
  • Home Page > Comics Gallery 2 (index) > Individual Page
  • Home Page > Doctor Cylon Gallery (index) > Individual Page
  • Home Page > Fiction Page (index) > Individual Page
  • Home Page > Picture Gallery Page (index) > Individual Page
  • Home Page > Humor Gallery Page (index) > Individual Page
  • Home Page > Video and Games Page (index) > Individual Page

    Return Links to the Home Page and the relevant Index Page are provided at the bottom of each Individual Page. Most sites have them at the top, but since the bottom is where you wind up when you're finished reading a page, that's where I put them for CSR. Some Individual Pages have Previous and Next buttons as well. I use these within a series of related pages, for example "Batgirl Hits Bottom" where every one revolved around Batgirl taking the hits on her bottom, but you can always get by without them.

    Recently, I've begun adding return links to the Home Page and the relevant Index Page at the top of each page as well. This should make things even easier for those who perhaps have arrived at the wrong page and don't want to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the return links. This only applies to newer pages (fall 2011 and later) because I'm not going to retrofit hundreds of older pages.