Chicago Spanking Review - Who Is The Web-Ed?

I call myself the Web-Ed because back in 2004 when I started the site, I didn't like the common term "Webmaster" even though the "master" part is somewhat appropriate in the broad context of D/S. Since I edit this site much the way I would a printed magazine (except that I can't pay contributors), I thought "Web Editor" more appropriate, and then shortened it to "Web-Ed". Because of my early involvement in the world of comic books, I also intended a sly reference to Spider-Man, who bore the appellation "Web-head" in his early years, but this is too obscure to be picked up on by normal people. Every word on this site not specifically attributed or bylined to someone else was written by me.

While my true identity must remain secret, I can tell you that I have been spanking since 1965. I began attending spanking parties in 1997 and now conduct individual spanking sessions at home. I have no idea how many women I have spanked, but it's been a lot, and I still enjoy taking a newcomer over my knee for her very first spanking when I have time. If you're interested in seeing me for a spanking session, just press the red button on the Home Page.

While I do re-post good-quality items from other spanking sites, one of the things that sets CSR apart is the sheer amount of material that cannot be found anywhere else (unless they took it from here!). A small amount of this material was in my private collection when I started the site, but the vast majority has either been discovered or re-discovered by me through arduous searches. For example, several years ago I searched 1000 pages of Golden Age comics per day for 300 consecutive days, a record which I think I can safely say has never been approached, much less equaled, by any other researcher. I identified something like 158 spanking scenes during this time, many of which were new discoveries. I still search digitized comics pages as they become available to me, but this now amounts to only a few thousand pages per month. I've also written many articles on spankings in comics and cartoons, spanking techniques, and spanking psychology, where I have been the first spanko to put forth a comprehensive theory on why people are into spanking.

I have in fact made so many discoveries of original spanking material that I could not list them all here if I wanted to! Probably about 165 of Humorama's 210 or so spanking cartoons would still remain unknown to the spanko world had I not undertaken (with assistance from MD) a massive research program (separate from my comics searches) beginning in 2011. Here is a short listing of comics items I believe to be personal discoveries:

Our website design philosophy: With the exception of the Bulletin Board, we write all our own code, and without fancy web page creation software either (we use Arachnophilia, simple but extremely useful and versatile freeware, for all HTML, PHP, CSS, and JAVA files). While we could do anything that other sites do (given the cooperation of our site host and the time to analyze and understand the code), we strongly believe in "keeping it simple." We hate the pop-up windows, slow-loading pages waiting for extensive 3rd-party content, and labyrinthine navigation that are all too common on web sites these days. Nor do we appreciate the assumption of some web-designers that every visitor has the latest and greatest browser with every obscure plug-in and extension. The use of flash players to provide picture slideshows in place of simple thumbnails hyperlinked to new pages is another unnecessary complexity all-too-frequently encountered.

We have therefore written simple web pages that display quickly, don't use pop-ups or lengthy scripts, and that can be reached from the home page with a maximum of three mouse clicks (usually two). We have shied away from a lot of video content because in our experience large video files and embedded players cause too many problems. There are plenty of other sites that feature extensive video content. Generally speaking, then, we're not too fond of excessive bells and whistles, but on the other hand we're not completely opposed to modernizing the site somewhat. In 2010 we added over 300 new pages, including some videos, and modified our page templates slightly to improve their appearance.

-- Web-Ed

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